New Form Of Censorship? Twitter Tests Its Unfollow Tool


Twitter it seems tested out an “unfollow” suggestion tool recently. This feature would show someone a list of users they should unfollow. This possibly could be the new form of censorship could be used to target users who does not fit the political philosophy of the company or the Leftists in general. The Narrative that Twitter is spinning that this is more of a feature to unfollow the users who they don’t engage with much. It is to help a user to minimize the clutter without using the bothersome Twitter dashboard or even a third party app. There is no information, how successful this test was, or who will be able to use this feature. Users who tested this supposedly said they were basically unimpressed or it helped a little. Meanwhile, I believe we need to keep an eye on this development. This could reinforce the echo chambers that the Left have set up. Twitter can now target anyone they seem as a problem or does not follow their political philosophy. Maybe I am looking into this a little too hard, at the same time I could see Twitter using this as another way to silent more voices. I hope there is really nothing like they saying. I would love to believe that, but their past and current actions tell me otherwise. 
There is a fight going on right now for our freedom of the Internet. The big companies like Facebook and Google basically have total control in what they can do within their platforms. Alex Jones was a warning shot, action has to be swift, and it has to happen now. Down below is a link that will lead you to the Internet Constitution. This is a living document that is meant as a template on how to keep the Internet fair and free as possible. Please take a look, leave a comment if you have any suggestions, but most importantly please share. The more people who are aware of this movement the bigger the discussion and the greater chance we can protect ourselves from being censored. 

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