A Saboteur on the Space Station?


What started off as an accident has in one week turned into a suspense drama of whodunit. Last week, reports surfaced that the Russia’s International Space Station (RISS) was hit by a tiny meteorite that caused a leak on board. Tuesday, the Russian space agency officials reported that the act may have been deliberate, “to destroy the mission.” It appears someone on board may have used a drill for whatever reason. For if the hole was not discovered during the coming 18 days, everyone would have suffocated to death. 
Cosmonauts first noticed something was wrong last week when there was a drop in pressure. The leak was discovered and plugged up with one finger connected to Alexander Gerst. This brave Cosmonaut kept his finger in the hole as others on board created a rubber plug made from Duct Tape (can be used for any purpose), gauze and a vacuum-proof sealant. 
Who could have done such a heinous deed? Could it have been carried out by a psychologically disturbed cosmonaut that wanted to cut the mission short and return home? It is possible since there is a drill on board that could have made that hole. 
The other possible reason why there was a hole, according to space agency chief Dmitry Rogozin, was because it was made while the space station was on earth. However, that would raise a lot of questions of why the leak happened now and not when the space station was new. Either way the Roscomos, a state-run space agency has launched an investigation to determine what happened. 

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