The Wet Weather Update for September 5, 2018


Threats of more rain in the rain soaked Midwest
The Mid-Western states face even more rain today after a dealing with a soggy Labor Day weekend. On Monday there was still flash flood warnings to about tens of millions of residents in this area of the country. Michigan had three confirmed tornadoes touchdown, meanwhile in Wisconsin they have received over 14 inches of rain in some parts. The damages are estimated to be around $50 million just from the floods alone. You know what the best part of all this is? The system that brought all this tropical moisture from the Gulf Of Mexico has stalled over the Midwest, threatening to dump even more rain in an already saturated region. Weather forecasters are predicting some areas could receive more than a month’s worth of rain over the next couple of days.
Flooding in Kansas Forces 300 residents to Evacuate
Kansas residents spent their Labor Day holiday, evacuating as the rain there in 5 counties would not let up. From Sunday night into Monday Nearly 9 inches (23 Centimeters) of rain fell in the area. Unfortunately this forced the evacuation of over 300 Residents as Wildcat Creek overflowed its banks. This happened right near the Kansas State University’s college town of Manhattan. No serious injuries reported and KSU’s main campus was not flooded as a help center was put up to help displaced students. The forecast for the area is expecting more rain this week due to a stalled front.
Tropical Storm Gordon Hits South Florida
This Labor Day holiday turned out to be a wash out in South Florida. Businesses were hoping for a decent Labor Day holiday after a summer of suffering with the red tide that chased away beach tourists. Instead their bad luck continued as Tropical Storm Gordon hammered South Florida with heavy rains and high winds. It formed off the Florida Keys during the early hours on Monday as it moved West-Northwest at 17 mph. Miami Beach Police Department had to actually put out a Tweet warning all Beach goers that, “This was NOT a beach day.” This was due to the dangerous riptides in the area as the storm moved by. There has been no official report of actual tornadoes touching down, but more than 4,000 Florida Power and Light customers lost power during the storm.

Tropical Storm Gordon Makes landfall Near the Alabama-Mississippi Border

Tropical Storm Gordon made landfall around 10 p.m. late Tuesday night west of the Alabama-Mississippi Border. It is now expected to make its way inland moving across Southern Mississippi Wednesday. Gordon never made it to Hurricane status as the area now can be hit with up to 8 inches of rain through Thursday night. Dauphin island off the coast of Alabama was hit with 70 mph winds, driving rain, and around a 5 ft storm surge. There were reports of possible tornado touchdowns throughout the area. Unfortunately there was one death from the storm in Pensacola Florida when a downed tree slammed through a mobile home, killing one child whose name and age has not been released. Governors in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana declared states of emergency and in Louisiana called up about 200 National Guard troops in light of the possible flooding during the next couple of days.


Typhoon Kills 11 in Japan as Clean-Up Begins
Typhoon Jebi, which means “swallow” in Korean, slammed into Japan killing 11 people, and injuring about 470 others. About 3,000 tourists were stranded overnight at Kansai Airport near Osaka. Today buses and Ferries were able to rescue all the tourists safely. It could take several days up to a week to re-open the airport. After a summer of breaking heat, heavy rains, floods and landslides, Typhoon Jebi, which was briefly a super typhoon, was the most powerful storm to hit Japan in 25 years. An estimated 530,000 people are without power as of Wednesday.


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