How #MeToo and #BelieveWomen are Dividing the Country, an Op-Ed Piece

WIN_20180928_11_21_45_ProI know. I know. I have been doing a lot of op-ed pieces lately when I am not uploading edited streams and transcripts, but there is a lot I need to get off my chest in regards to the utter clusterfuck that has become our country and our government. There are those of you that follow me on Twitter that have seen my threads and me quote tweeting Congresswomen and Congressmen, arguing with them about a certain hashtag that’s in the title. #BelieveChristine is another I have taken issue with as well.


Why? I can hear some people reading this and wondering how a woman can possibly be off the bandwagon of man bashing and not calling for an investigation of Kavanaugh, who is being put through the ringer. Let me tell you why.



I am watching the #MeToo movement eat itself slowly.

It’s a nibble here and a nibble there,  but it’s definitely happening. Arguments between the founder and McGowen, others being accused of backing men who were accused of misconduct (Streep/Winestein). The signs are there. It’s not an all-out feast, but it’s going down. You see. When you build a movement on allegations without proof, 20+ year old accusations that can’t be proven, and the tears of victims passed, you’re bound to either fade into obscurity, eat yourself, or eventually show the world how absurd you are.

I am not counting Winestein and Cosby here. Realistically, unless you have been living in a cave or waaaay of the grid with no contact with the outside world, you’ve heard of casting couches, sleeping with the boss, and other things that were whispered in the wind as to how some women got the best parts or positions in businesses. I am not naive. It happens. Is it right? Hell no, it’s not right at all.

I blame this on feminism.

This new wave of feminism brought with it a passion to redefine terminology, like rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sodomy. This is a big sticking point with me. What they have done is redefine them to the point where anything a man says to a woman is grounds to go crying to social media and type their #MeToo story for victim and oppression points. Compliments and requests for phone numbers are now grounds to bitch about “how hard it is to be a woman” instead of saying either “thank you” to the compliment or a simple ‘”no” to the request.

Women in this movement have gone from being strong and independent and saying they can compete in the jobs market and take on any task to demanding they be hired simply for being female. This does not empower women. It infantilizes them, makes them weak and incapable of being hired on merits. It can’t possibly be the job was given to someone else because your qualifications didn’t meet the criteria for the position. No, it’s because you’re a woman and “mah oppressions”. I, for one, do not want to be hired for any job just because of my gender. I want to be hired on my experience, merits, and past job performance. This is what lead to a point of contention with Affirmative Action. Filling quotas so businesses and corporations could prove they weren’t discriminating against race, creed, color, etc. It was Affirmative Action that lead to the first diversity hires. Some of those hires eventually were discharged for falling short on the demands of the job they were hired for over someone with better qualifications.

Why you should not #BelieveWomen…

Here is the other hashtag, the one that really sticks in my craw. “Believing” anyone just because they said so is what lead to people tripping on rye mold being hung, drowned and other forms of  torture for being a witch. When you blindly believe anyone of anything so heinous as sexual assault, sodomy, and even rape, you are doing a modern-day witch hunt. You are ruining a life, a family, and a legacy that will never be able to outrun the damage you have done.

The Duke La Cross case claimed the reputation of three young men who were ruined when a woman claimed she was raped at party where she was hired as a stripper. There is no where they can go without the albatross hanging around their necks.

Thomas Kennedy was in prison for nine years, because his own daughter lied about him sexually abusing her. He not only missed nine years of his life he would never get back, but he now has an accusation that will haunt him forever.

Nora Wall, a nun, was accused of raping women. The women who pointed the finger at her said it had actually happened six years prior, and they couldn’t remember due to repressed memories (Hmmm, memory gaps, that sounds familiar.). Even after the accusations were proven to be false, people still shunned her and said the girls had been raped “by the Anti-Christ”. Papers refused to print retractions about what they put in print.

May 18, 2018, if you want a more recent event. An officer, by the name of Daniel Hubbard made what he thought was a routine traffic stop of a 37-year-old woman. That same woman accused him of eliciting sex in exchange for him not writing a ticket. Though dash and body cam footage proved the woman was lying, the court of public opinion had already found him guilty.

Though some will quote a percentage range of 2-10%, to date, there has not been a firm number of false reports. While false accusations may be low, they still do their damage, and it’s irreparable.

Don’t come to me with “I thought I was [blank] in high school or college”, referring to being wild and lose, and then say you were raped/assaulted. That doesn’t wash. Just because you had sex then and you regret it now doesn’t mean it was rape or sexual assault. You can’t take your consent back. You made a bad decision, and you need to be a damn adult and own up to it.

This is why, though I too am I survivor of sexual assault and rape, I will always demand proof and evidence. I know the same was asked of me when I took my assaulter to court, and I expect no less from anyone else. If you are not prepared to bring evidence to bear on your accuser which removes the shadow of any doubt, you are metaphorically speaking, picking up a pitchfork and going witch hunting. Only this time, it’s not someone who’s hallucinating on mold, but a person just trying to make it in the world.

How is it dividing the country?

By now, you’re hoping I get to the point of the blog post. There are two very delineated camps on this subject: Survivors who want proof of what is going on in the Confirmation Hearing and those perpetual victims and many non-victims that have already condemned Kavanaugh in the court of public opinion. I am in the first group, and sadly, many U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives are in the second group. The #MeToo and #BelieveWomen movements have wormed their way into the biggest debacle and power play I have ever seen publicly.

Through the years, we have all known there have been backdoor deals behind closed doors and shuttered windows. There have been whispers in the past of underhanded dealings and lobbyists putting politicians in their pockets. Now, it is in the open for all to see, and two people are being placed in the forefront as sacrificial lambs: Kavanaugh and Ford. Yes, I said Ford. The mere fact Feinstein and her crew sat on the letter for twenty days without asking for an investigation is underhanded and devious at best. It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to see they were waiting for the perfect time to slip the Ace out of their sleeve.

This has also divided friends, family, and acquaintances and has ended contact with the aforementioned in many cases. That is the true tragedy here. No one should shun friends or family for differing political views.

Before you jump on me in the comments…

I am, as always, in wait, watch and see mode. I have not put myself firmly on anyone’s side. I have been accused of such, and it is simply not true. I want the outcome of the hearing to be fair, thorough and, most importantly of all, impartial, but that is clearly not happening in this hearing. This is a shame. No matter what the outcome will be, one thing can be predicted already. Kavanaugh will be forever demonized, a witch hung without proof.


Until next time,

Anissa “Maddy” Mathias

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