Innocence Lost: A Poem Dedicated to the Children of the #FarmKillings


Innocence Lost

No more will the children in South Africa play.

They are scared to leave their homes.

Gone is laughter that was once heard.

Dark is now the color of their days.

The children are no longer filled with glee.

Gone is the innocence they once had.

Their lives were rocked with savage attacks.

They have seen atrocities no one should see.

They have seen their parents killed, raped,

Their grands bleed to death,

Their own siblings dragged before their eyes, murdered.

While they sat frozen with fear, mouths agape.

The good they once thought lived in the world is a lie.

They no longer sleep knowing they’re safe.

It is not the shadow in the closet that causes them fear.

It is the man with the gun, the pitch fork and the knife.

It is not the monster under the bed.

They only wish there was one their now.

For the man who came once, may come again.

And they fear it will be them who will be dead.

A note from the writer…

The further I dive into the farm killings in South Africa, the more I feel for the people that live there in constant fear. I get angry at the fact the government is in on it with the leaders singing songs that urge people to “kill the Boer”. I feel for these people who have no voice save one lone person who braves everything on a daily basis to talk to the terrorized and broadcast a show knowing the government could find him and no one would hear from him again.

Some would ask why I, a news blogger with a small subscriber base and still smaller voice compared to others has taken up this cause in the United States and fights to get the attention of anyone who will listen.

It is because my family had to leave everything behind, including many family members in Cuba, and to this day, even with a new leader, the government still follows in the foot steps of Fidel, oppressing and starving its own people. It because no one deserves to be terrorized in their own homes, their own farms, and worst of all ignored when they cry for help.

I ask nothing for me. I ask you to help spread the word on the Farm Killings in South Africa, to watch the documentary Plaasmoorde, The Killing Fields by Katie Hopkins, who risked everything to go to South Africa from the UK to find the truth. I ask you to reach out to those in South Africa who are tirelessly chronicling the attacks and murders that are happening in hopes that someone will listen. I ask you to call, write, email, ANYTHING your local representatives to put pressure on Ramaphosa who lies and tells people there is nothing extraordinary going on in his country. I ask you to learn the true history of The Cape, of the people, and their struggles.

That is all I ask.

Anissa “Maddy” Mathias

*Unlike other blog posts where I would normally put a contribution link, this one will not have any self-promotion. Videos made on this subject will not be monetized and no shilling sections will in the descriptions. I am not looking to make money off of this. It’s not right to do so.

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