Misogyny YES… Misandry NO?

feminismI love it when op-ed pieces come out. I love to read and respond to them, and I should do it more often, but I haven’t had the time. TL;DR for those of you wondering about what I am talking about:

An article was written by, and I am assuming here, a feminist. She does not like a law that is being mulled over that will make misandry a hate crime. She lists reasons, and even though she starts making valid points, she quickly turns around and goes back down the rabbit hole.

So, strap yourself in. This is going to be a doozy.

imageOne would think she is starting out strong here, but the snark and salt is palpable. What is wrong with a misandry law? With this current wave of feminism bashing men for anything from giving compliments to accusing every man of being a potential rapist, it would make the most sense to have a law in place against misandry.

“Surely that way no one is left out.”

Sounds to me like “We can’t have anything nice.”

imageWhy does it have to change? Because you think a compliment is sexual assault? No, sex does not need to be a protective class. Feminists tend to see misogyny in everything a man does and says. So, in their eyes, it underpins everything a man does.

This is a typical blanket stance which treats men like a monolith. If you say anything that seems like a blanket statement on women, you get the #NotAll, but they can lump all men in the same group and it’s perfectly fine. They thrive on double standards in this regard.

“…the public and other organizations are telling us.”

What are they being told? If I had to wager a guess, it’s the constant blaming of men for everything, including rape, and the constant inference that parents raise their sons to be rapists.

imageAs a  woman with common sense, it does not surprised me that she is not happy about this. You do want special treatment. You are just in some sort of denial. Well, since the current rash of feminism has bred a slew of women who can’t even grocery shop without feeling scared or threatened, it’s no wonder many people get the impression that you women to be weak.

“… but it actually is.” I would say you’re getting it, but you’re about to blow it in the next paragraph.

“It seems there’s nothing women can have –not even their status as a marginalised sex class- that men will not expect them to share.”

There it is.

“We can’t have anything nice without the school bully coming and taking it! Our oppression! We want our misogyny law, but you can’t have your misandry law! It’s not fair!”

Oh, but sweetheart, it is. That’s equality. That’s an even playing field. This is why sex is not a protected class. Because if you make it one, both sexes would inevitably protected. You can’t have one without the other.


She starts to step out of the narrative here. She’s actually saying something I can agree with, but then she goes back down the rabbit hole.

“…all things are not equal.”

There you go.

Sorry, but hate crime laws apply TO ALL people, ALL RACES, and so forth. It has to be proven it is a hate crime. It has to be proven the motive was hate, bigotry or prejudice.

“…that victimhood is in fact a source of power and  privilege.”

Hmmmm, so a woman who drugs a man to rape him, would that make the women the aggressor and the man the victim? I think so. See how victimhood works? Privilege has nothing to do with it. It’s who is in the position of power in the situation that makes the aggressor, with the exception of self-defense when the victim turns the tables.

The author of the piece goes onto dismiss MRA claims and their use of the term “reverse-sexism”. I hate to break it to the author and the MRAs, but just like “reverse-racism” does not exist, neither does “reverse-sexism”. It’s just sexism. That’s it. She rails against their accusations of anti-male bigotry, which the MRA are well within their rights to claim. It’s true. You see it on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media outlet and blog where a feminist can speak their piece. It’s nothing but the same diatribe with no new material.

“Teach your boys not to rape.”

“It’s all sexism.”

“We need more diversity.”

“Men are inherently violent and they’re all rapists.”

“I am afraid to leave my house.”

Read a timeline or blog long enough belonging to a feminist, and you will find any one of the above if not all of them in one post in one way, shape, form or fashion.

imageNo, women and girls are NOT systematically oppressed. Your victimhood complex is showing in your last paragraph.

You know something? You’re absolutely right. It’s not equal. It’s tipped in the favor of the women, and you’re too mired in your victimhood to see that.

We’re not there, and we won’t be there until men are given the same rights as women in family courts, the prison system, and the criminal court system. So, yeah, you’re right, just not the way you think you are.

Until Next Time:

Anissa “Maddy” Mathias

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