The Curious Case of the New York Times: The Lie by Omission

truthYes, I am taking on The New York Times. It seems the MSM are more determined than ever to keep the fires of contention burning, often leaving out legislation that refutes the claims in their own story, but then again why would they? In this article, I will attempt to allay some of the fears that The New York Times has planted, which has lead to protests a day after their article dropped.


By now, this headline and the story it introduces has made its rounds, spreading panic in both trans communities. Yes, there are two: transgenders and transsexuals. For the purposes of this article, I will define the two simply:

Transgender: One who is not comfortable in their skin and self-diagnoses as trans.

Transsexual: One who has been diagnosed as having Gender Dypshoria, meaning their brain is not wired to line up with the birth sex of the person. This causes mental distress in the individual and can often end in the person taking their own life.

They start the article thus:

imageWhat they haven’t told you is that this has already been defined in Legislation by both the House and Senate in order to further clarify  who is a protected class. Sex is already a protected class, but it was further expanded and defined in a Senate Bill 1006 (Here is the House bill for comparison). This served to further clarify the definitions of sex, gender, and gender identity. It was sponsored by Sen. Jeff Merkley, Democrat and co-sponsored by 47 other Dems.

This is a snippet of the bill that is linked in the text:


The Times overlooks this to further report this:

imageWhat they leave out, either due to misinterpretation, bad reporting, or a deliberate attempt to stir the masses, is the fact that gender and sex are protected, but gender identity is not. This could be what they are saying could possibly erase gender, but it really does not. They do refer to genetic testing, which could put transsexuals in danger, but they are already protected under Title VII.

Neither the 2017 nor the 2014 Memorandum mention genetic testing. In fact, no document, proposal or Bill have stated such testing. As a matter of fact, I went looking for the 2017 spring memo, and I found was the memo for banning Trans from the military. If anyone can find the memo they are referring to, could you pass it to me? Thanks in advance.

transmemoWhat they refused to do was include the last paragraph of the memo, which prohibits the DOJ and other organizations from discrimination on the basis of being trans-anything.

My Two Cents

This all comes back to mainstream media trying to cause a panic by omitting all the facts and citings that should have been included. Even the memo they cite wasn’t cited correctly as they left out the last paragraph. Though one of my questions on my twitter post was answered, there are still some that need answering:

What disturbs me is the constant lumping of transsexuals and transgenders, as there is a growing movement of transsexuals fighting to keep the TS moniker separate from transgender. As more and more transgenders assert that you do not need to be diagnosed as having Gender Dysphoria, the danger of mis-diagnosing someone as trans grows, and the push from the TG community to lessen gatekeeping, which can lead to more inform consent and less testing to prove Gender Dysphoria. This type of activism has already lead to parents jumping to conclusions as to the gendering of their children. In the UK, there are already cases of parents asserting their child is not the gender they present because they are playing with toys that are not typical of their gender, instead of having MRIs performed to prove the existence of a transsexual brain.

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