Square: Do YOU Know the Best Time to Buy a Christmas Tree? Op-Ed

paypalWith Paypal and Stripe pulling funding or forcing who they are partnered with dump people from their platforms in an attempt to thwart free speech, I went looking for an alternative pay processing merchant with whom to do my business. I remembered Square from one of my employers using it, and decided to look them up. What transpired from there could have been a Q&A post, but turned into the deflection Olympics as they would not answer my main question and ignored my subsequent ones about their terms of service.


Many of you may be familiar with its more famous counterpart often touted by Philip DeFranco, Square Space. This is the merchant side of the service. It processes payments either through mobile or in-store point-of-service equipment and software they supply and rent to you. When I went looking, I found that Jack Dorsey is the CEO.

mwm1Now, the website did say they didn’t do much for purchases under $15, and to their credit and my lack of screen capping prowess, they responded by saying they do, in fact, support businesses with check averages less then $15.00 and cited coffee shops and other cafe-type venues. I will grant them that.

However, the fact Dorsey is the CEO had me press on to other questions and comments, especially after they mentioned they had no problems as long as their clients abided by their TOS, which is completely acceptable. All businesses of this nature have one. I have no problem with that. Keeping in mind Mr. Dorsey, I tweeted this:


To which they responded with:


Now, not being one who doesn’t read, I dove into the TOS and found other issues, but before I went into that, I decided to ask them, what I thought, was a valid question:


As you can see, I got right to the heart of what I was trying to figure out. This is how they responded:


Not wanting to be swayed off course, I came back with:


I think they tried a failed attempt to throw a little shade my way:


Cute, huh? They keep deflecting and trying to derail me, but I wanted answers.


They tried again, and this time tried to insult my intelligence. (of course this could be my lack of sleep)


I don’t usually “pull rank”, and I KNOW they are bigger than me, but I couldn’t help it.


This is when they stopped responding to me, but I was not done. I had started another thread with the following caps and questions:

This states they do not offer services to firearms dealers.


The “…threatening, harassing, hateful, abusive…” had me here:


And the “offensive” had me ask another question for clarification here:


They ignored those. It was it this time I noticed the light blue “Failed” message when I tried to open the tweet back up. I thought they had deleted their tweets, but no:


They had blocked me.

To me, it says a LOT about a company that will not answer questions posed to them and speaks even LOUDER when they won’t clarify their terms of service. They could have had a PR rep to talk to me and answer my questions and allay concerns, but they chose to block me and leave me with unanswered questions. I will not be using them. This does not instill trust.

Until next time,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker.

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