Paypal bans Bitchute, Acosta gets pass back, Discovery SA Angers White Clients, and more!

Acosta Gets Pass Reinstated 

After having his press pass revoked during a press conference, Acosta, backed by CNN, began a fight to have his hard pass reinstated. CNN had even filed a lawsuit, which led to a judge ordering his hard pass be returned, allowing him access to the White House again. 
The White House says it will not fight the reinstatement, but it is in the process of writing a code of conduct for future press conferences and Question and Answer sessions in the White House. 
Acosta, on the 13th of November had his pass taken after refusing to allow an intern to take the microphone and allowing other members of the media from asking questions.
When the restraining order is lifted, he will regain his hard pass.

Discovery Bank SA Gives Perks to Black Only Clients

In a move that has outraged its white clients, Discovery Bank-South Africa, which will open to the public in March 2019, decided to give only its black clients 10% equity. As can be 

Discovery Bank SA

expected, its white clients took to twitter to voice their discontent and call for a boycott of all the bank’s services saying their openly racist decision should not be rewarded. 
Discovery Bank SA responded to the tweets with standard customer services scripted answers. 

This has done nothing to allay the anger in the white contingent of the clients. They are also pushing what is being called a “Behavioral Banking” model, which they are being ambiguous about, only stating that positive behaviors will be rewarded with more, or higher tier, services.
For those wondering, Discovery Bank SA is not affiliated with Discovery card services (Discovery, Inc.). They are their own entity. 
(Sources linked in post.) 

Paypal Limits Bitchute

Paypal limits Butchute. It cannot send or receive payments.

The internet lit up on November 14 as Bitchute had tweeted Paypal had limited the services it offered the free speech video platform, no longer allowing it to send or receive payments. 

📢A few hours ago BitChute received a notice that our PayPal account has been permanently limited, with immediate effect, and that we will no longer be able to accept or send payments. Up until today PayPal had been our main source of revenue.— BitChute (@bitchute) November 14, 2018

This led to a firestorm of retweets and video content from creators to spread the word far and wide. Bichute has also asserted that this is an attack on free speech, and they are looking for an alternative, but what is the reason for the ban? Bitchute’s blog only posted the statement that Paypal sent them where they say they reserve the right to limit services for any reason and at any time. 
It is an ambiguous reason at best, and one that has opened up speculation. After their banning of Info Wars, one could say they are against right-wing commentators, but they have also blocked Antifa sites and people that promote pedophilia. So, it cannot be firmly stated that is the reason. Bitchute has stated they will appeal the decision. 

Saudi King Stands by Prince

Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, frequent Companion of Prince Mohammad bin Salman

Russia Will Retaliate if US Backs Out of Nuclear Deal

President Putin

In 1987, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forced Treaty was signed, and President Trump has stated his intentions of backing out of the treaty, which dismantled land-based nuclear missiles in Europe during the Cold War era. This along with Russia annexing Crimea has brought new tensions between the United States and Russia. 
Trump has stated his intentions of breaking the treaty due to Russia not upholding their end of it. During Obama’s administration, Russia began testing new ground-based nuclear missiles, which they have denied several times and tried turning the tables by stating the U.S. had installed missile defense systems in Romania and Poland.
On Monday, President Putin stated there would be retaliation if President Trump followed through with pulling out of the treaty. President Putin said he would sit down and discuss the INF treaty. 

Sticking to the statement that the murder of Mr. Khashoggi was outside of the chain of command, King Salman continues to echo the sentiment of the government that Prince Mohammad had no involvement in what took place that led to the mutilation and death of the journalist, saying it was a rogue operation. The West continues to refute the claim of innocence saying there is no way the operation could have been done without the Prince having any knowledge of it. Last month, under scrutiny of many countries, the government formed a committee which is tasked with overhauling the intelligence arm in hopes of preventing another death of this nature. The committee will be headed by Prince Mohammad, which has not provided reasonable doubt to refute the reporting out of Turkey as to what happened to Mr. Khashoggi. The Turkish defense minister has not stopped, saying that the killing was premeditated and the “people were sent to Istanbul”. 
On Monday, Germany froze 18 Saudis from crossing their boarders and has halted a delivery of arms to the country. 


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