7 Days Alpha 17 Hits Live. Neeko. LoL Patch 8.23 and more…

7 Days to Die, the popular zombie survival game, has updated and added new features in their Alpha 17 release. It is an experimental Alpha, which means there may be bugs that still need fixing, but let’s jump into the highlights of “the biggest content drop” the devs of the game have done. 

Visual Update…

The visual updates have included new resurfacing of objects and all textures in general to better reflect the new ambient lighting in the game. The lighting hopes to add a new sharpness to the overall look and feel of the game. 

Navesgane grew in size to 36 Sq km, which is double its original size. They even tuned up the height in that world as well.

They’ve updated the visuals on over 125 sites. This includes new locations like New giant Perishton Church, 4 new Perishton businesses, and 7 new garages. 


The 7D2D team has added the ability to form parties. You can invite people to join your party, and all of you can share experience for zombie kills, share quests, and you even have to ability to track your party members and monitor their health. 


There is a new quest system in the game. By talking to a trader and looking at his jobs, you can accept quests. There are six ranks of quests, each more difficult than the last. The more trying the quest rank, the more XP, money and choice of rewards are giving upon completion. The quests include:

  1. Clear Sleeper
  2. Fetch
  3. Hidden cache
  4. Buried supplies
  5. Clear and Fetch
  6. Clear and Hidden Cache
  7. Treasure (Old)
  8. Challenge (updated)

Need a Ride?

The 7D2D team have added real driving physics to the game for a more realistic driving game feel, a bicycle that uses stamina when you pedal, a new motorbike, a 4×4 which allows you to have someone ride shotgun, vehicle mod support, and more. They’ve made 14 changes in this area alone. 

Other changes include improvements to AI pathing, modded items, new recipes to learn and try, a complete re-configuration of the skill system and how it progresses, with an in-depth explanation of each attribute, an integrated survival system and a ton more that you can find here

For some walkthroughs and what the game looks like now, check these people out.
Glock 9

Neeko, the Curious Chameleon

In their attempt keep things freesh amidst the allegations of harsh working conditions, Riot is set to release a colorful, and fun looking champ, Neeko, the Curious Chameleon, who is currently being tuned on the PBE, and is scheduled to be released along with patch 8.24 December 6, 2018, looks to be a fun new addition to the champion roster.
She is fully fleshed out, but that doesn’t mean she is without her inconsistencies in her lore. According to Necrit, a content creator on YouTube who specializes in lore, there is a conflict with what race she is, but that isn’t stopping people having fun with her on the PBE.

Her kit includes a passive, which allows her to mimic any teammate, a peel ability which produces a clone and gives her movement speed, a small AOE with the potential to damage multiple foes more than once in rapid succession, a root that can travel through multiple enemies and minions, and a large AOE Ultimate that includes a slow, a stun, and a shield for Neeko. 

After seeing Huzzy play her on PBE in both the mid lane and jungle, I would have to say her kit will need some fine tuning and maybe the elimination of the stun from her ultimate, as well as the 1.25 AP scaling on it. As always, new champs come out of the gate strong and always need some tuning. 

It’s pre-season, and we, who play League, know what that means. Troll builds, crazy bot combos, and all kinds of stuff to make you tear your hair out of your head, including nerfs, buffs, and changes to items.So let’s dig into patch 8.23 and see some of what they have done.

The bugs…

Now matter how good you are a at coding, there will be bugs somewhere, and League is now different. The squashed a bug which made Akali’s attack speed faster than intended. A bug that made Gangplank’s Cannon Barrage deal Rank 1 damage at all ranks has been fixed. Yorick’s minions used to cause the poor monk to get minion aggro when they attacked an enemy champ. They squashed that as well. 

The Runes

Dark Harvest
For this patch, it’s been nerfed. It now gives 5 damage per soul, and its base damage is down to 40-80 (lv 1-18) from 50-80. 
They have also made it so it isn’t random and instead, it now procs when only a champ is hit and when said champ is below half health. It permanently increases the damage on future procs as well. Its cool down is 45 seconds. The damage on ARAM with dark Harvest increases by 4.
Sorry junglers, it looks like League is making it increasingly harder on you by having only champs grant souls. 
Fleet Footwork
This has had it’s AP ration taken down to .3 AP from its .5. 
Next to Dark Harvest, this may be one of the most notable changes to a rune. This amplifies move speed bonuses, not all move speed across the board, but it does so by 8%. It does not convert movement speed to adaptive force. 
To see this in action, watch the Glacier video where he tries this on Nasus. 
Ravenous Hunter
They reduced the base healing from 2.5% to 1.5%. 
They made the charge up time shorter, 3 seconds from 4. They’ve nerfed the damage done as well from 175 (+30% max health) to 100 (+30% max health)
New-Shield Bash
Gain 1-10 (lv 1-18) bonus armor and Magic resist while you are shielded. 
Shield bash adds bonus adaptive damage to our next basic attack provided your shield is 2 second from expiring.
Damage=4-21 (lv 1-18) + 8.5% shield strength +1.5% bonus health

There are now three stat rune rows which have been added. So, be aware you have to chose those each time you start a game. They are not saved. One row focuses on speed or CDR, one one offense and one on defense. 

Calling all Junglers…

Riot has noticed junglers being slightly higher lever than their counterparts (how?). In order to correct this (break it again), they have nerfed the experience of the monster camps:

Chart from the website.

They did however remove the reduction of gold granted by minions if you haven’t finished that jungle item. So, there’s that. 

Someone think of the minions…

Minions have undergone some changes as well as the addition of turret plating, and extra gold for that plating. This will change the pacing of the game as it will no longer be simple to knock out a turret. 

That’s not all…

They’ve made changes to Guinsoo’s, Targon’s Brace, and another support item as well as chaning Doran’s shield to heal according to percentage health lost. 

To read all the latest changes, click here
If you want an closer look at the math and how it works it regards to the changes, check out Phreak

Until next time,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker

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