Pedo Files: Former Democratic Chair and North Texas Man

harold moody

The Pedo Files are taken directly from the DOJ and ICE releases from their Twitter accounts with more research done when needed. These files include hebephilia and explicit content.

Former Democratic Chair Arrested for Child Pornography

On November 6, records were unsealed revealing the arrest of Harold “HL” Moody, former Democratic Party Chair for Arkansas. The New Orleans division of Homeland Security Investigations caught him in active chat rooms that featured child pornography. One agent reported Moody logging in and out up to 26 times in a two day span. He is charged with two counts of receiving child porn, three counts of distribution, and one count of conspiring to advertise child pornography.

Between August 29 and October 12 of this year, he was recorded on cam in known pedophile chat rooms on five different occasions. All occasions showed him at a desk in the same office, which prompted a search warrant to be issued and executed leading to the discovery of child pornography on his computer.

Chat logs showed him distributing child pornography while on cam featuring adult on child oral sex acts.

Moody has been remanded to custody due to being a possible flight risk and faces a minimum of 15 years in prison if found guilty of conspiracy alone. He faces up to 20  years in prison for the distribution and a maximum of 10 years for possession.

Before his arrest, he worked as a special events coordinator for Pulaski County Youth Services, and was undergoing treatment for meth use.

North Texas Man Indicted on Child Exploitation Charges

According to ICE files, Joseph Patrick Mosher, 49, has been indicted on child exploitation charges. The Carrollton, Texas resident was reported to school officials by a teenager who suspected he was being filmed without his knowledge in Mosher’s bathroom. Detectives were dispatched with a search warrant to Mosher’s home where they found hidden cameras and electronic devices. After forensics combed through the recorded footage, they found videos of different males recorded in the private spaces of the predator’s home. The footage did not show the males being aware of being recorded.

If convicted of the indictment, Mosher faces up to 30 years in federal prison.

Jacksonville Man Gets 12 in Federal Prison for Child Sex Abuse Videos

Christopher Michael Picher, a 16 year-old Florida resident, has been sentenced to 12 years and seven months in federal prison for downloading images and videos which contained child sex abuse. He was also sentenced to a lifetime of supervised release and has been registered as a sex offender.

ICE agents reported in court documents and FBI agents launched an undercover operation for child exploitation which showed Picher was associated with an online mobile messaging app (undisclosed) where he was linked to the receiving, storage and distribution of child pornography. His smartphone had 15 videos and 1,486 child porn images.

The investigation was done early in 2018 and led to the predator’s arrest.

FBI Special Agent Charles P. Spencer of the Jacksonville Division was quoted as saying, “This sentence should serve as a warning to those who seek to exploit children. The FBI Jacksonville Division and out law enforcement partners will stop at nothing to identify child predators, and seek truth and justice for their victims.”

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