China: Man Attacks Children with Hammer at Primary School

Police seen carrying bags filled with evidence.

“At the moment, if we have not called you, your child should be safe.” This was the call which went out in China’s Xuanwu district after a 49-year-old man with the surname Jia was arrested after wounding 20 primary school children with a hammer. Of the 20 children, three are in serious, but stable, condition with no life threatening injuries.
The migrant worker, from the Heilongjiang province worked maintenance at the school, and, according to a co-worker, surname Liang, stated Jia had become angry when his work contract had not been renewed.
Video footage showed dozens of angry parents demanding information from the staff and were told to stop recording several times. One parent declared on WeChat, “The attacker…used a hammer-like weapon to hit the children’s skulls one by one, before he was stopped by a PE teacher.

Police were seen leaving the scene with paper bags filled with evidence and are saying, though the suspect is in custody, the investigation is still ongoing.
Reuters stated the surname “Jia” belonged to a parent who was interviewed, but several other sources, including one from China, have debunked this.
A user on Reddit has listed a rash of similar attacks on children in primary schools in China since 2010.

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