Shutdown Day 35: 215 Dems Vote Down Bill to Pay Workers

GOP proposed bill on January 23, 2019 was voted against by 215 Democrats.

On January 23, the GOP in the House proposed a bill to pay the 800,000 workers, who have now gone without two paychecks. It was subject to 215 “Nay” votes by the democrats, and Nancy is not listed on the roll call vote, either voting for, against, or refusing to vote at all. She is not the only one I have not found on the roll as being present. Scott Wong and one other are not listed on the roll call vote for this bill.

What’s in the Bill?

It is a re-appropriation bill, a bill that sets to fund the agencies that are furloughed due to the shutdown. Here is a shot of the bill.

HR 648 re-appropriation bill snapshot.

As you can see, it would fund HUD, TANF, and other programs that would help with housing and food safety. This would beg the question of why 215 Democrats would vote down the bill. You could argue that the “nays” would be due to the fact that President Trump’s income is included, but he is only taking an in office wage of $1 per year.

Anissa Walker

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