U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Venezuela After Aid is Met by Violence


This weekend, a truck entering Venezuela loaded with supplies to aid the people of that country was attacked. The Venezuelan opposition launched the plan in order to bring food and medical supplies and was met with military resistance. Colombian officials said the attack triggered a mass defection of at least 320 low-level soldiers, but it hasn’t stopped there.

Former President Maduro

The United States Department of the Treasury imposed sanctions on the following officials:
Omar Jose Prieto Fernandez, Governor of Zulia State
-The police under his governance have come under investigation for their involvement in drug and weapons trafficking.
Ramon Alonso Carrizalez Rengifo, Governor Apure State
-He has been accused of backing and approving the repression of democratic actors. The military presence in the Apure state have threatened and attacked protesters.
Jorge Luis Garcia Carniero, Governor of Vargas State
-Has stated he will continue to back and support Maduro.
Rafael Alejandro Lacava Evangelista, Governor of Carabobo State
-Long-time friend and intermediary of Maduro.

“The illegitimate Maduro Regime’s attempts to blockade international aid intended for the Venezuelan people are shameful. Treasury is targeting four state governors aligned with former President Maduro for standing in the way of severely needed humanitarian assistance and prolonging the suffering of the Venezuelan people,” Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary stated in a press release. The sanction includes all property and interests of the aforementioned governors and includes any entities in which the governors have 50% or more ownership that are in the United States.
The sanctions are not meant to be permanent.
On January 28, there were sanctions levied against Petroles de Venezuela, the oil producing sector. The press release for that date states:
“Maduro and his cornies have used state-owned PDVSA to control, manipulate, and steal from the Venezuelan people for too long, destroying it in the process.”

The Maduro regime continues to deny any problems in the country. China, who allies with Maduro opposes any intervention.

Associated Press

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