India Reports Two Fighters Down, One Pilot in Pakistani Custody.

Fighter crash in Pakistan controlled Kashmir.
Plane wreckage in Kashmir.

On Wednesday, in the Kashmir region, Pakistan shot down two Indian warplanes. One crashed on the India side of Kashmir, the other, Pakistani side, leading to the capture of an Indian pilot. This has elevated the tension between the two countries to unprecedented levels, causing other countries to weigh in.

The pilot, who sustained injuries, was being treated in a military hospital, but Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor, would not elaborate beyond the pilot being “treated well.” There was no mention of the pilot’s return. He did add, “We have no intention of escalation, but are fully prepared to do so if forced into that paradigm.”

The External Affairs Minster of India spokesman, Raveesh Kumar, stated they were still trying to find out the location of missing MiG-21 and its pilot. He went on to state one Pakistani aircraft was shot down. Pakistan denies the claim of a downed craft.

In the same time frame, seven bodies have been recovered from an Air Force chopper belonging to India. The count was six Indian airmen, and one civilian on the ground. As of yet, there is no cause for the crash.

Earlier Wednesday, India shelled Kotli, a village in the Pakistan controlled portion of Kashmir, claiming the lives of six villagers.

There are sources that say Pakistan must abide by the Geneva Convention in regards to the treatment of the captive. There is one wrinkle to this assertion. The captive must be declared a prisoner of war. This means they would have to declare war in order to invoke the Geneva Convention.


Here are two videos of the captive Wing Commander.

Associated Press
Money Control
Economic Times

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