House Passes Gun Control Bill

Democrats accuse Republicans of trying to turn it into an immigration issue.

Gabby Giffords
Gabby Giffords “We must never stop fighting.” for gun control.

After 25 years, the Democrats called a 240-190 vote “a major step” in the progress to end the grip of gun lobbyists on Washington. The bill seeks to extend background checks to gun shows and internet sales. It also wants to extend the waiting period from three (3) to ten (10) days. Republicans amended the bill to include alerts to ICE if the background check finds the person is an illegal alien.

This met some resistance from Democrats, who called the caveat a “red herring”, and further asserted the Republican party was trying to conflate the gun issue with the immigration issue. There were 26 Democrats who disagreed with this assertion. Speculation suggests the Democrats who crossed the aisle were afraid of looking weak on the illegal immigration issue.

The Republican push back on the bill included House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-LA, who said the law would not have prevented his or other’s shootings. He was quoted as saying, “What it would do is make criminals out of law-abiding citizens. If you go hunting with a friend, and your friend wants to borrow your rifle, you better bring your attorney with you because depending on what you do with that gun, you may be a felon if you loan it to him.”
Democrats countered this by explaining the bill has exceptions which include temporary transfers in cases of domestic violence or if one feels threatened by another. It will also grant permissions for loans on gun ranges.

It is not expected to pass the Senate, and President Trump has already threatened to veto it. The president believes it will place upon the gun owner unreasonable requirements.

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