Cuban Illegals Intercepted, Storms claim 8, and Trump’s Campaign Chest

Coast Guard Intercepts 20 Cuban Illegals

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On Friday, a Coast Guard Crew flying an HC-144 Ocean Sentry located two people hiding bushes. Upon landing, they discovered nine Cuban nationals on Cay Sal Island, a Bahamian island often used as a way point between Cuba and Key West. The illegals were handed over to Bahamas immigrantion

so they could be returned to Cuba.

This was after they had intercepted a 26-foot boat named “High Troller”, which had five Cuban women, five Cuban men, and one child aboard. The driver and one of the men were taken into custody, with the rest being returned to Cuba. The two in custody face smuggling charges.
Source: Miami Herald

Southern Storms Claim Eight

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Storms swept through the South over the weekend, killing 8 and wounding several more. This prompted Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to declare a state of emergency as 17 counties were hit with the severe storms.
The storms, which made their way through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama on Saturday, left many people still lost and almost 100,000 homes and businesses without power.

On Saturday, the storms made DSW Airport cancel or delay up to 2,000 flights due to high winds and reports of hail. In Texas alone, 25 people were reported to be injured, with eight in critical condition.
An approximated EF3 tornado had torn through Franklin, TX.
Yahoo News

Trump Campaign Chest at $30 Million

Trump in Birch, MI

Every candidate that runs needs funding, and all ask for contributions to a “war chest” of sorts to help them on their campaign. President Trump is no different. In the first quarter, it has been reported the president has been able to amass in excess of $30 million in such contributions. This is more than two democratic front runners combined: Bernie Sanders with a shade more than $18 million and Kamala Harris with $12 million.

It has also been reported that most of the contributions to Trump’s campaign fund were $200 or less and averaged around $34.26. This ability to raise funds has only been matched, or exceeded, by the RNC who has been able to procure $45.8 million in the first quarter as well, a personal best for the organization for a non-election year.

This is showing a clear trend that hasn’t happened in two decades, Republicans closing the gap in regards to Democratic fund raising. There has also been an uptick in donors to the GOP with small dollar amounts.
Yahoo News

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