Flint Class-Action Lawsuit, Trump’s Sigh of Relief, Ireland Shooting of Journalist

Flint Free to Sue Federal Government

The government’s motion to dismiss a pair of class action lawsuits, which includes a total of 4,884 plaintiffs, has been denied by U.S. District Judge Linda Parker on Thursday.
These lawsuits stem from the city of Flint’s decision to switch the city’s water supply from Detroit’s water and sewage department to the Flint River. After the switch, the residents of Flint started to complain of skin rashes, hair loss, instances of E. coli, and Legionnaire’s Disease. There were also complaints about the water, saying it smelled and tasted foul.
The lawsuits alleged that the EPA failed to warn Flint residents about the potential harm the water could cause to them and goes on to accuse the federal agency of not enforcing the Safe Drinking Water Act.

The government denies all liability, but the District Judge disagrees and was quoted as saying, “Further, the EPA knew that and Flint officials were not warning Flint’s residents that they were being supplied lead-laced water.” She further stated the EPA had been aware the state and local leaders were misinforming the residents in an attempt to have them believe the water was fine, and it was the pipes in their homes that was to blame.
The EPA stated the Federal Tort Claims Act for their reason for not being culpable, but the judge stated that the harm was not financial and thus the dismissal was denied.
Court House News

Trump Team Relieved

With the release of the Mueller report and the lack of a link to a Russian collusion on President Trump’s part, his legal team is breathing a sigh of relief and taking, for lack of a better term, a victory lap in the midst of the findings. This is after over two years of submitting requested papers, questioning witnesses, convictions and indictments of people who were on the president’s team at one point, and the overall difficulty of trying to keep President Trump from saying things which could damage his defense.

During the investigation, President Trump’s legal team saw the departure of Dowd and

subsequent additions of the husband and wife team of Martin and Jane Raskin in March of 2018, but always at the forefront, no matter the gaffs, was Rudy Giuliani. Acting as more of a spokesman than a lawyer, Giuliani became the face of the defense team, often being ridiculed by the mainstream media and making himself the butt of many a joke due to his missteps during interviews.
Not only was there no collusion found, Attorney General William Barr, along with Dep. Atty. Gen. Rosenstein stated there was no obstruction of justice. This has not stopped members of the democratic party from renewing their calls for impeachment.

Associated Press

Northern Ireland Arrests Made in Journalist Murder

Lyra McKee, 29, Journalist

Lyra McKee fell victim to what is suspected to be a bullet intended for a police officer in Northern Ireland. Two teens, 18 and 19, were held in custody and driven to Belfast under the anti-terrorism legislation, according to the Police Service of N. Ireland.
Cell phone video that has been made available by the police displays McKee taking pictures with her phone prior to her taking the fatal stray bullet.

Saoradh, an organization of left-wing ex-republicans, declared in a statement that they were simply providing defense from state-sponsored violence. The two groups Saoradh stated were PSNI/RUC. Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton has labeled the incident “a terrorist attack” and said it was committed by “violent dissident republicans”.
“The New IRA is a small group who reject the 1998 Good Friday Agreement that marked the Irish Republican Army’s embrace of a political solution to the long running violence known as “The Troubles”.

Associated Press

Stay tuned for more.
Anissa “Maddy” Walker
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These are the stories released on Saturday, April 20, 2019 through the Mainstream Media. any major stories not covered here will be in a video on April 22, 2019.

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