Supreme Court Rules On Ending DACA

With few days left before their summer break, the Supreme Court has little time to make a final decision on whether to back Trump’s proposal to end DACA, the “dreamer” program instituted by Barack Obama in 2012 or to block it. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals sought to provide deportation protection for children brought here illegally by their parents. It is a highly contested action that many have stated is illegal.

However, in the past, rulings in lower courts have blocked Trump’s attempts to rescind the program, stating it had racist motivations. There was a Texas judge that deemed the program illegal but did nothing to order a halt to it.

The Supreme Court Justices have been silent on this issue for five months without providing a reason as to why. Many speculate they were waiting for all the lower court decisions to be reached before they made their final judgement on it.

Trump is willing to provide a pathway to the thousands of immigrants this program covers, but his coupling of this with tightening of immigration policies have made many people suspicious of his motives.

Jeff Sessions, then Attorney General, said the program was illegal and asserted it’s illegality by saying Obama overstepped his bounds to adopt the program in the first place.

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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