Trump to Scale Back “Parole in Place” for Illegal Spouses of Soldiers.

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The Trump administration is looking to scale back the Parole in Place program, a program that protects illegal spouses of soldiers from deportation. If the tightening of the program goes through, it will make it available only on rare occasions.

Parole in Place gives one-year temporary protection to illegal spouses in the United States who can’t change their immigration status. The program allows them to stay on a temporary basis. As it stands now, spouses who overstay their visas or have broken laws in the country are not eligible for the extension.

The program was put in place to relieve the stress of soldiers who are wed to illegal immigrants. It did this by removing the fear their loved one would not be deported while they were deployed.

However, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has admitted to NOT following immigration policies in the past when it came to deporting former service members who are not legal citizens.

Previously, military recruits wishing to have a path to citizenship only had to wait a day for the opportunity, but now have to serve 180 days of active duty before being able to apply for naturalization.

Anissa “Maddy” Walker

The Hill

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