The Breakdown: Trump’s Tweets

…or is it racist? The analysis of language.

By now, all of you have heard of the tweets from Trump that have Twitter and beyond screaming “RACIST”, but are they actually racist or just a knee-jerk reaction unbefitting someone in the White House? I am going to break down the language of his tweets and leave the rest to you.

So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen,

Here it is clear whom she is addressing:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from the Bronx

Ilhan Omar, MN Rep from Somalia

Rashida Tlaib, MI from Detroit


Ayanna Pressley, MA from Chicago

(The reason I am including their birthplaces will be relevant. Hang in there.)

These four are the Freshmen Representatives known as “The Squad”, and since they hit Congress, they have been vocal about their agendas and their stances on Israel and other issues, like climate change and identitarian politics.

One could say his choice of putting progressive in quotes would be to mock their being progressive. Many of their views seek to move the country backwards, not progress it.

who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all),

It is painfully obvious here who he is addressing in this part. Somalia is a war-torn country with a weak government. Now, the who originally broadens the statement to all the women, but since the other three were born here, it could be:

1. An oversight on his part

2. A deliberate generalization to insight the left into reacting.

3. A stupid mistake, showing his ignorance and lack of interest in The Squad

There are a couple of flexes that COULD be inferred:

1. He considers the Bronx, Chicago, and Detroit places where the government has failed the people (All three are Democrat run districts.)

2. He was also referring to Puerto Rico, thinking that is where AOC was from. Puerto Rico is a territory, but COULD be referred to as a country, since they have their system of governance.

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