Media Lies: Antifa Terrorism Downplayed Once Again

…A Guest Post.

Following a recent protest outside of an immigration center in Tacoma, Washington, a vehicle was lit ablaze by planted explosives. The culprit, a sixty-nine year old “Anti-Facist” by the name of Willem Van Spronsen, was carrying a rifle at the time of his act of terrorism via propane tank before being fatally shot by local law enforcement who had arrived in response to reports of thrown “incendiary devices” toward the immigration center itself.

His justification? The Tacoma Immigration Center has for a long time held illegal immigrants, and is one of many centers currently holding those arrested under the “Zero Tolerance” policy of the Trump Administration, and in line with the protests just six hours earlier, this may have been the prime factor that led Willem Van Spronsen to commit the act of terror. 

One news organization ABC 7 WJLA reported on the incident, but left out some crucial details. This is of course expected, as any action that is in opposition to the narrative surrounding “Antifa” is clearly too dangerous for the minds of the American people. 

The article on this event neglected entirely to mention that Willem Van Spdonsen was armed, had thrown “incendiary devices,” and a statement made by his 20-year friend Deb Bartley to The Seattle Times in which she said “I think this was a suicide. But then he was able to kind of do it in a way that spoke to his political beliefs…” a sentiment that seems as important as the several witness accounts they decided to include, if not more, as it gives a look into the psychological justification behind this domestic attack. 

There is a much more serious problem here though: A domestic terror attack, including an armed attacker who both attempted arson on a government facility and attempted to firebomb a vehicle, happened as a method of political “protest,” and rather than present the relevant information and ensure the story is accurate, the ABC report reads more like a story of a victim. To the average person, this report alone could very easily plant an idea of police brutality as the main story, and leaving out that the man was holding a rifle at the time of his death is very likely an attempt to plant that very narrative. 

If that doesn’t convince you, the headline from ABC reads “Protesters demand shutdown of NW immigration facility after man shot, killed” which both flips the timeline, (the protest took place 6 hours prior to the death of Willem Van Spronsen) and outright paints the man committing a terrorist attack as a victim. 

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