DOJ Big Tech Probe, SFPD Targeted Journalist, China Warns of War and More!

This is the transcript from The Morning Brew Podcast from July 25, 2019. Due to audio syncing issues, there is no video.

DOJ Launches Probe into Big Tech

In a statement on Tuesday, the agency said it investigate “in an objective and fair-minded manner” big tech companies to see if their business practices are hurting commerce, competition, and innovation. The anti-trust probe did not name specific companies, but many believe that Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook are on the radar. The Department of Justice wants to make sure Americans have a free market and wishes to insure that companies will compete on merits. It will be taking into consideration concerns regarding social media, search engines, and online retail services, concerns that have often been voiced by the consumers themselves. Other concerns include children’s safety on the internet and political interference. A probe of this scope is expected to last a while. Dan Ives from Wedbush Securities expects a probe to last several years. A Wall Street analyst stated a probe of this size will lead to business model tweaks and fines but does not see any companies being broken up. Amazon and Facebook had no comment to give. Google’s director of economic policy, Adam Cohen repeated Google’s benefits to consumers. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook does not believe anyone that is reasonable would see Apple as monopoly. 

Associated Press

Recent Evidence Shows SFPD Targeted Journalist

February 22 of this year, Jeff Adachi, San Francisco public defender was found dead in his home. This is led to a scandal involving leaked documents, an autopsy that showed a cocaine overdose, and a conspiracy to cover up the incident which pointed to the SFPD. It has now come out that a raid on the freelance reporter, Bryan Carmody, included a search warrant that did not clearly point out the target of the search was -in fact- a journalist. The significance of this development has to do with San Francisco’s shield law, a law that protects journalists from being made to divulge their confidential sources and also grants them immunity from being the target of search warrants. San Francisco Superior Court Judge Rochelle East formally gave the ruling that the warrant should never have been issued and investigators cannot use any information or evidence acquired with the search warrant. Judge Rochelle originally issued the search of Carmody’s cell phone records. San Francisco Police Chief William Scott who originally went to bat for the raid later admitted the searches may have been illegal and started reviews of protocols surrounding news media.


Kremlin Critic Detained Near Moscow Home

Alexei Navalny, a Kremlin critic, was detained days after a protest on Saturday having to do with the alienation of opposition-minded candidates in conjunction for Russia’s capital legislature. It was reported that more than 20,000 people attended to protest. Navalny stated in an Instagram video he was on his way to buy flowers for his wife when he was arrested. The Kremlin says he was taken into custody without getting proper permission to do so, an offense that carries a 30-day jail sentence. The reason given for the exclusion, according to the Kremlin, is due to not being able to obtain all the signatures needed from voters in order to run. The candidates say it was because they were directly challenging control over the legislature being held by allies of President Putin.


China Warns of War if Taiwan Moves To Independence

China’s defense ministry has stated its readiness for war if Taiwan moves toward seeking its independence. They are pointing fingers at the United States for their sales of arms to the island country. They have threatened sanctions on the U.S. firms that involved in the arms deals. China has stated it would make attempts at a peaceful reunification, according to Wu Qian, China Defense Ministry Spokesman. Qian also went on to say, “…we must firmly point out that seeking Taiwan independence is a dead end. If there are people who dare try to split Taiwan from the country, China’s military will be ready to go to war to firmly safeguard national sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity.”


Push to Grant Protected Status to Venezuelans Fails in House

On Tuesday, a measure to grant temporary protected status to Venezuelans put forth by both parties has died in the House. It failed to secure the votes needed from Republicans, who are leery of creating a new type of the immigration initiative persons in the Trump administration wishes to phase out. The legislation would give Venezuelans residing in the United States Temporary Protected Status program. Only 37 of the 55 Republican votes needed were obtained. Florida Democrat Representative Darren Soto says doing this is against the support the administration of National Assembly President Juan Guaido and backing the ousting of Maduro by many Republicans and the Trump administration, thus showing their hypocrisy. Maduro’s leadership has led to more than 4 million Venezuelans to flee to other South American countries like Colombia and Peru. Some have made it to U.S. soil.

CBS News

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