Russian Influencer Found Dead, NK Missile Tests, Drugs from Canada?

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Russian Instagram Influencer Found in Suitcase

Ekaterina Karaglanova, 24, was found dead in a hallway in her apartment Friday, July 26, with knife wounds on her body. The police were alerted to this by her parents who had not heard from her for several days after she announced a trip to the Netherlands. 

The recent medical school graduate had thousands of followers on a travel blog and over 85,000 followers on Instagram. Her parents called her landlord and asked for access to her apartment after failed attempts to contact Ekaterina. Once they entered the flat, they found the suitcase, which contained her body, in the hall. Her father called for an ambulance, but it was reported she had a slit throat.

Police are not ruling out jealousy as a possible motive. This may be due to a CCTV that captured the ex-boyfriend visiting her flat around the estimated dates of her disappearance. No murder weapon was found at the scene.


Confirmed: North Korea Fires 2 Short-Range Missiles

What was listed as unidentified projectiles fired Wednesday from North Korea, were confirmed as two short-range ballistic missiles reminiscent of Russia’s Iskander-class, a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. This test comes a week after the first, making it two official missile tests. The reason North Korea gave was that the tests were a “solemn warning” in response to South Korea’s purchase of U.S.-made fighter jets and plans for military drills, which NK sees as a rehearsal for an invasion. 

During the lull between tests, Kim Jong Un was seen visiting a newly constructed submarine, a submarine that SK military intelligence states has three missile launch tubes. This could be a dangerous move on the part of North Korea. If they have obtained the technology to launch ballistic missiles from a submarine, there would be little to no warning prior to a strike. North Korea is already under 11 different sanctions from the United Nations alone, and no more punishments are expected. The results of the two launches are as follows:

  • Last Thursday: 2 missiles, flew 600 Km (370 mi) with an altitude of 50 Km (30 mi)
  • Wednesday’s Launch: 250 Km (155 mi) with an altitude of 30 Km (19 mi)

SK’s military stated the flight data of the weapons means it could reach all of South Korea and the U.S. forces stationed there, all 28,500 forces.


Meds from Canada? A Possibility

On Wednesday, the Trump Administration stated something about setting up a system that will allow Americans to import cheaper prescription medications from Canada for the first time. The hope is it will offset push-back from federal health authorities and help to stem the public’s complaints about the rising prices of life-sustaining medications. If successful, it will fulfill another campaign promise. Alex Azar, Health and Human Services Secretary, has this to say:

The landscape and the opportunities for safe linkage between drug supply chains has changed. That is part of why, for the first time in HHS’s history, we are open to importation. We want to see proposals from states, distributors, and pharmacies that can help accomplish our shared goal of safe prescription drugs at lower prices.”

Oversight for importations will be handled by the Food and Drug Administration. One part of the administration’s proposal allows states, wholesalers, and pharmacists to get FDA approval for the importation of medications already available in the U.S. Another part would also allow drug makers to apply for approval for re-importation. 

The only sticking point is the drug industry lobby, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America who has had success in the past in blocking similar efforts. Their reasoning is due to patients possibly getting counterfeit or adulterated medications. 


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