Odessa Update, Dorian News, Boat Fire Update

Odessa Shooter Had History

The assailant that murdered 7 and wounded 22 had a history of violence according to neighbors. One said he would shoot rabbits at all hours of the night. Texas Governor Abbott said in a tweet:”No only did the Odessa gunman have a criminal history……he also previously failed a gun purchase background check in Texas……& and he didn’t go through a background check for the gun he used in Odessa.”The shooter was arrested in 2001 for criminal trespass and evading arrest, both were deferred in 2002. He pleaded guilty to both charges. The charge was waived after serving 24 months of probation. Neither charge would have prevented him from failing a background check. When pressed for elaboration as to why he failed the check, the Governor declined to comment. There are nine federal conditions that would make someone fail a background check which includes:

  • Felony conviction
  • misdemeanor domestic charge
  • “mental defect” adjudication
  • committed to a mental institution
  • the subject of a restraining order
  • active warrant

The perpetrator did not have an active warrant. The FBI said he was not diagnosed with any prior mental health issues. The agent went on to say the FBI and police were notified before the shootings. The assailant showed up for work already agitated before being fired. Both the shooter and the company called 911 after he was let go, but the assailant had already left the site before police could arrive. Special Agent Christopher Combs said the perpetrator “was on a long spiral downward” before he showed up for work. He also went onto say the state of the shooter’s residence was “strange” and reflected “what his mental state was going into this”.


Dorian Decimates Grand Bahama Islands

There are at least 5 reported dead and 21 injured in the Abaco Islands after Dorian hit as a Category 5 traveling 1 mph. It left behind destroyed homes and razed businesses. Parliament member Iram Lewis reported to the Associated Press that the Grand Bahama Airport was 6 feet (almost 2 meters) underwater. The main fear on the string of islands is that the waters will continue to rise, leaving many stranded and unable to be rescued due to dying cell phone batteries. As of 7 AM EDT this morning, National Hurricane Center has Dorian-stationary-35 mi (55 KM) outside of Freeport Grand Bahama Island-110 mi (175 km) ENE of West Palm Beach, FL-Sustained winds: 120 mph (195 kph)-minimum central pressure:
952 mb
-gusts up to 150 mph
-Storm surges: 10-15 ft above normal tide levels
-dumping up to 30 inches of rain
President Trump has declared a state of emergency for the following states:
-South Carolina
The Governors of both North Carolina and Virginia have declared states of emergency as well.

There was an update during the stream. That tweet is no longer available.


California Boat Fire claims 25

At approximately 3:30 Monday, the Conception, a 75ft commercial vessel, went up in flames. It had a total of 33 passengers and six crew members. There were 34 asleep when the fire started. It was scheduled for a three-day $665 diving charter “to explore the pinnacles of San Miguel Island”. Rescuers and found what they think were the remains of 25 people who were victims of the fire. They are awaiting confirmation from the coroner. Five crew members were rescued by a recreational vessel. There are still bodies that have not been recovered due to unfavorable conditions.Truth Aquatics out of Santa Barbara, the owners of the Conception, complied with regulatory requirements for diving charter vessels.The investigation is ongoing, but there is no suspicion of a criminal cause for the fire. 


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