Vizcarra Dissolves Congress, China Celebration Turns into Battlefield

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Peru’s Vizcarra Dissolves Congress

A political crisis was sparked when President Martin Vizcarra after he followed through on a threat to dissolve Congress if nothing was done to support his anti-corruption reforms. His opposition said the dissolution amounted to a coup d’etat, causing them to suspend Vizcarra and swear in Vice-President Mercedes Aráoz as acting President.
The problem with that move is the Congress had already been dissolved when they performed these actions. The main arguments that are currently ongoing are whether or not his dissolution is constitutional and if the vote and swearing-in of the Vice-President is valid. Vizcarra contends that his move was lawful and that the swearing-in of Ms. Aráoz is null and void due to the dissolution. 
Thousands of people, as well as commanders of the army, navy, air force, and even the police are showing support for Vizcarra.
A legal battle is anticipated to rule if the dissolution of Congress was, in fact, constitutional. 


Protesters and Rioters Turn Celebration into a Battlefield

As Chinese rulers celebrated the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong police were in altercations with pro-democracy rioters who were throwing petrol bombs in the Asian financial hub on Tuesday. They were using tear gas and rubber bullets to deter the rioters from causing damage. The violence continued to escalate from the harbor to Kowloon and also spilled over into the New Territories, making it the biggest protest and riot in the four months this has been taking place. Reports from South China Morning Post along with television reports state one person was wounded due to the police using live rounds. The police have not responded to comment requests but said they have used live rounds in previous altercations. 
The Hospital Authority reported 15 people were wounded with one in critical condition and would give no further details. 
The central government offices in the Admiralty area was ground zero for Molotov cocktails. The police ordered an evacuation of the Legislative Council building and fired water cannons and several volleys of tears gas into the crowd. 
A corrosive fluid was used by rioters in Tuen Mun, west of the New Territories “…injuring multiple police officers and reporters,” police reported. Along Causeway Bay toward the government headquarters was the scene of people clad in black sporting Guy Fawkes masks in defiance of the rally ban.
MTR Corp became a target after they shut down many of its metro stations in hopes of preventing the protesters and rioters from moving from place to place. A fire was lit at the Admiralty station on Tuesday.


North Korea and US Talks Resume

After a five-month hiatus punctuated with North Korean missile tests, a senior North Korean diplomat stated the two countries will be returning to the table to continue negotiations Oct 5.
The stalemate happened due to North Korea agreeing to only partially surrender its nuclear capabilities while demanding relief for broad sanctions, which ended the summit with Trump leaving the table.
Choe Son Hui was quoted as saying, “It is my expectation that the working-level negotiations would accelerate the positive development of the DPRK-U.S. relations. Preliminary contact will be on October 4 with the talks starting on the 5th.
The location of the talks has not been disclosed.


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