Trump Endorses Turkey. Big Trouble in Little Hong Kong

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Trump Endorses Turkish Military Operation in Syria, Shifting U.S. Policy

President Trump on Sunday endorsed Turkish military operations into Northern Syria. This means about 150 American troops are being pulled out of that region, leaving the Kurds -America’s best ally in the region- to defend themselves. Turkey views the Kurds as terrorists and I am sure would be happy to push them back out of Syria.
As of Monday, witnesses in Syria report that U.S troops were indeed pulling out of the area. 
This move by Trump has caused a backlash from officials in the Pentagon and State Department, who believe that American troops need to stay in the region to keep fighting ISIS and the Caliphate. However, Trump did declare total victory over ISIS in his message on Sunday. Officials report that there has been a growing resurgence of ISIS operations in the area.
President Trump on Sunday talked to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before he made his decision to pull out American Troops. The losers here, the Kurds who have been backstabbed several times by the United States, would be pushed back to the border if Turkey had its way. This would cause a fall out of the Kurds to look for allies elsewhere, or be independent in their fight, never to trust America again. 
President Erdogan for years wanted a buffer along the Syrian border. It is reported that the border he wants to push would be 20 miles deep and 300 miles long. This is where he wants to put Syrian refugees in this area. Erdogan in the past has threatened to send the refugees to Europe if he didn’t get what he wanted. 


Hong Kong Defies Face Mask Ban as Thousands Take to the Streets.

Hong Kong recovers Monday after another day of violent protests. People of all shapes and sizes, ages, and races, were all out on Sunday in protest of the new face mask ban on Friday. It was a heavy rain as they wore blue surgical masks, black masks, Guy Fawkes masks and even paper bags (I don’t think those masks made it for long in the rain). By mid-afternoon, the police were out in force firing tear gas among the crowd. In turn, the protesters would throw them back at police, as the rain was cutting down on the clouds of smoke.
The new ban that went into effect this weekend has a penalty if arrested of $3000 or £2,432 and up to one year in jail. 

 “I feel angry at the government. We just use masks to protect ourselves. It’s for protection. We don’t have any other method to protect ourselves,” one young woman protester told CBS News. “If we don’t go out to fight for freedom — and if people don’t have freedom anymore — then Hong Kong is not Hong Kong.”

“Every Hong Konger is afraid,” said another young woman. “Everyone is very confused and very nervous. But if we don’t fight for freedom now then maybe next time you cannot see me.”

The protests have been going on for the past 17 weeks when the government passed an extradition law with China.

Merlin’s Two Cents

I praise these protesters standing up for their freedom, as Americans we should support in this endeavor and pray that they will win in the end. If not, as it was said, you may never see these people again. 


 Supreme Court has a blockbuster term

-This Tuesday, a case of LGBTQ employment discrimination which puts the 1964 Civil Rights Act center stage. the Act states that any sexual discrimination is not allowed. The question here is if this covers gays and transsexuals? This case would affect 28 states who have no protection for this kind of thing.

-In November the case of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This is basically a showdown between Trump and Congress (2 years and continuing). the fate of 700,000 illegal aliens are affected. Who are children who grew up in the country and looking for a way to stay? 

-December comes a case about Gun Rights. New York City passed an extreme restriction forbidding legal gun owners to cross city limits. However, both the city and the state of NY wiped the regulation off the books. this could affect a future case about making legal gun owners to be able to carry nationwide. 

-Early next year comes the case over abortion, which could challenge the ruling of Roe vs Wade back in 1973. In Louisiana, the state wants to implement a law requiring providers to have admitting privileges in local hospitals. This could affect Georgia, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. 

-Next year there is a case over religion, In Montana is testing whether state funds can be used to help pay for tuition at religious schools. This is a tax credit of $150 for residents and businesses donate to the program, It helps low-income families to get help going to private schools. the Montana supreme course struck this down, saying it interferes with the state constitution.

-Other cases, Racial discrimination, political corruption, the Affordable Care Act (ACT) which involves Congress who are withholding payments promised to Insurance companies.

-Then there is a case over Blackbeard’s law. In North Carolina, there is an ongoing copyright dispute with a video production over a 300-year-old ship that belonged to the legendary pirate Blackbeard.


Transcript written by Merlin Wolfhound and edited by Anissa “Maddy” Walker

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