Kurd Update. Murder-Suicide. Brexit Update. GPS Ankle Monitor Repossessed?

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Top Kurdish General: Watching Over ISIS Prisoners is Our “Second Priority”

Fallout continued Tuesday from Trump’s decision to pull troops out from Northern Syria in advance of Turkish Forces. This move has forced the Kurds, who have worked with American Forces to clear the region of ISIS fighters, to leave thousands of ISIS captives unguarded. The reason behind the move is because the Kurds retreated back to the Syrian border to protect their strongholds from possible Turkish attacks. 
General Mazloum Kobani Abdi, Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, said, “Watching over the ISIS prisoners locked up in Syria is a ‘second priority.’ ” The detention centers hold about 12,000 suspected terrorists who were swept up by U.S./Kurdish forces in their campaign to purge ISIS in the region.
Mazloum continues, “All their (Kurds) families are located in the border area, so they are forced to defend their families.” He said through a translator, “Honestly, it makes us disappointed,” when asked about the U.S. withdrawal, leaving the Kurds alone against Turkish forces.
This would be the eighth time in history that the U.S. has back-stabbed the Kurds.   Mazloum reached out to the American people in his speech to have Trump change his mind about the pullout. Meanwhile, in the Pentagon, US officials have been urging and pressuring the White House to change its stance and leave troops in the region. 
The Kurdish commander said he’s now considering what would have been unthinkable a few years ago: partnering with Syrian leader Bashar Assad to fight the Turkish forces.”The people who fought with you against international terrorism, against ISIS, are under risk right now and they are facing a big battle alone,” he said.


No 10 continues to deflect blame for Brexit impasse on to EU

As The Friday deadline draws near, Boris Johnson and his staff continue to look for a scapegoat for the disaster that is playing out. He blames the EU because they have not sat down with him to go over his plan.
However the EU has already indicated they would not have a sit down because they reject the Britsh plan.

“We are ready to have discussions at pace. For that to happen, the EU needs to engage fully with the proposals we have put forward,” the spokesman for Boris Johnson said. “The PM believes that we have set out a fair and sensible compromise, and we are now looking to the EU to match the compromises that the UK has made.”

There was a leaked EU memo basically destroyed all of the points of the British plan. They also scoffed at the idea that they had to sit down to work on the plan that they have already denied. Johnson even though he believes his plan is good, will NOT visit EU’s face-to-face to force his plan among the EU’s leaders.
As of now Johnson still insists that October 31st will be a hard deadline for Britain leaving the EU, deal or no deal. This opens another can of worms among the English Parliament as they seek yet another postponement in lieu of the October 19th deadline if things don’t pan out.  
“We want to secure a deal because it’s in the best interests of the UK and the EU to work together to reach that agreement – but without one, we will be leaving on 31 October,” Johnson’s spokesman said. 

The Guardian
What is the Benn Act?

5 dead in murder-suicide in Massachusetts

Tragedy struck Abington, Massachusetts on Monday when a family of five were discovered shot in an apparent murder-suicide. Police were called at 7:30am by a family relative who stopped by to pick up the kids for school. They knocked on the door to no answer, and then they looked in the window to find someone on the couch not moving.
Authorities have released the names of the deceased family found at the scene, Deirdre Zaccardi, 40; Joseph Zaccardi, 43; Alexis Zaccardi, 11; and 9-year-old twins Nathaniel and Kathryn Zaccardi.
  There have been no reported incidents at that address according to officials and were a quiet family, never causing any problems according to the Zaccardi’s neighbors.
All the deaths appeared to be the result of gunshot wounds and according to officials this appears to be an isolated incident. This is the first time such a tragedy has occurred in Abington. 

BNO News

A GPS company repossessed a Houston murder suspect’s ankle monitor for late fees. He was untracked for two weeks.

The incident highlights differences in GPS monitoring for defendants released from jail on money bonds and no-cash bonds. One department has arrestees pay vendors directly, the other has costs go through them.
There was a murder suspect in Houston Texas that was out on bond wearing a GPS ankle monitor, which was under a court order. One would think that either the courthouse or the police department are the ones in charge of this ankle bracelet. You would be wrong, instead, he fell behind on his monthly payments to a third-party vendor who gave him the bracelet.
He fell so far behind in his payments, the vendor sent a representative to repossess the GPS monitor. This was not reported to the court, and this murderer was essentially free for 2 weeks this past September. Good news is, the suspect was re-arrested this past Wednesday and has been in jail ever since and is awaiting trial. Teresa May, director of the Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department, whose job it is to monitor defendants who are on bail and works directly with bail bondsmen, said that this was the first time in 20 years that an incident like this has happened. She said that the third-party vendor was immediately terminated.
It works like this, any defendant who is on a surety bond will pay higher monthly fees to the vendors directly if a monitor is ordered. Defendants who are released on no-cash bonds will pay the county a monitoring fee, in which the county pays the vendor themselves. The third group are No-cash defendants who are low income, and they may have their fee waived by the county. An invoice is supposed to be sent from the vendor to the courts if there is any delinquency of payments from a defendant.
By the way, the victim’s family did not know that the indicted murderer was let out of jail in the first place! I really want to say this was an isolated case, but it is not. Every day in America there are at least 125,000 pretrial defendants walking around wearing these GPS bracelets at a given time. That would make me uneasy and unsettled at how this has turned into a thriving business.
Let’s not even forget, that these things easily malfunction, can be easily taken off if the defendant wanted to, and there have been cases to where the defendants were not even monitored for a specific amount of time due to issues. In most situations, if a defendant falls behind on payments they will be sent back to jail to await trial. Stay tuned there will be more information about this coming up in the following weeks.

Texas Tribune

The transcript was written by Merlin Wolfhound and edited by Anissa “Maddy” Walker.

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