Japan Typhoon Death Toll, Trump Sanctions Turkey, Fort Worth Shooting

These are the articles for the news segment for The Morning Brew podcast that aired Oct. 15, 2019. Click the video below to see the clip. Check the sidebar for channel links and showtimes.

Rescuers slog through mud as Japan typhoon death toll rises to 66

The worst typhoon ever to hit Japan has caused 66 deaths, thousands of homes with no power, 15 people missing and about 200 reported injuries. Typhoon Hagibis (means”speed” in Tagalog language) roared through Central and Eastern Japan 3 days ago. With the eye of the storm passing through Tokyo, with the hardest hit being in Fukushima.
They suffered the worst flooding in history when 14 levees burst along the Abukuma River, causing 25 deaths, homes being swept away, 133,000 are without fresh water, and 22,000 with no power.
The main concern is up in Northern Japan where the temperatures are supposed to drop as the Rescuers continue to search for survivors. Finance Minister Taro Aso says that there is 500 billion Yen ($4.6 billion) reserved for disaster recovery. 


Trump threatens Turkey’s economy and imposes sanctions

President Trump yesterday announced sanctions aimed at the Turkish economy. He threatened to halting negotiations on a $100 billion trade deal, to raise the tariff on steel back up to 50%, this also includes sanctions on three senior Turkish officials, and on the defense and energy ministries. Vice-President Pence and National Security adviser Robert O’Brien are being sent Ankara for negotiations between Turkey and Kurdish forces in order to get a cease-fire.
The VP said yesterday that Mr. Trump spoke with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who promised not to attack the border town of Kobani. “President Trump communicated to him very clearly that the United States of America wants Turkey to stop the invasion, implement an immediate cease-fire and to begin to negotiate with Kurdish forces in Syria to bring an end to violence.”  
Mr. Trump who been criticized at home and abroad, doubled down on pulling forces out of Syria, but will still remain in the Middle East to “monitor the situation” and to “prevent a revival of ISIS.” However by this move, Mr. Trump has opened the door for ISIS to resume their activities. Six years was spent working with the Kurds to contain ISIS and in six days all progress was lost. Allies say that this new plan implemented by Trump is basically unattainable at this point and time. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will be heading out to NATO headquarters today to help encourage the US allies to also put sanctions on Turkey. 


Murder charge follows resignation of Fort Worth officer who shot woman in her home

Arron York Dean, the officer who shot a woman in her own home has been charged with murder, Monday night. Dean who is 34, resigned Monday morning in lieu of being fired for violating police policies and the use-of-forth policy. 2:30 am last Saturday morning, Dean responded to a non-emergency call from a number to do a welfare check on 28 year old, Atatiana Jefferson. Her door was opened and police photos of the scene showed she had a gun in the residence (which is legal in the great state of Texas). He ended up shooting and killing Jefferson, no other information has come to light at this time. 
Dean who only served for 18 months, was uncooperative with the investigation. The Police Union provided Dean with a lawyer and will provide support during this time. He was listed as an inmate of Tavart County Jail as of Monday night. Interim Police Chief Ed Kraus said during an update to the press, that he was going to fire Dean Monday morning but he resigned before he could. Kraus has called the Texas Rangers to possibly head up the investigation on the shooting. Also, the FBI has also been briefed as they looked into possible civil rights violations.
The press, as usual, is making this a white cop killing a black woman, racist issue. The investigation itself is centering around the training this rookie had and if there was a lack of it or not. This appears to be the case, even though this does not excuse Dean’s actions in killing a defensive woman in her own home.


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