Dallas Tornado, Opioid Trial, China Rebukes the US

This is the transcript for the news segment of The Morning Brew which aired on Oct. 21, 2019. If you wish to watch the recorded clip, click below:

Dallas tornado devastates homes, leaves thousands without power

A tornado and severe thunderstorms hit Dallas, Texas last night around 9 PM. There were reports of lifting debris as high as 3 miles in the air while the tornado was tracked on radar for 17 miles. Destruction of homes and businesses were left in its wake. The storms themselves featured 70 mph winds, heavy rain, lightning, and half-dollar size hail. According to Oncor, the state’s biggest Utility, at least 65,000 customers were without power. As of now, there are no reports of fatalities or serious injuries. There was, however, 6 people who were treated after an 18 wheeler tipped over. No reports if that was due to the storm or not. 
Reports of light signals being out or downed, possible gas leaks north of Walnut hill, and first responders going house to house to check on the residents. The tornado formed about 2 miles north of Dallas by the Love Field Airport moving east. There were also reports of tornadoes Southern Dallas, and Rockwell counties according to Morning News. There are still warnings in place this morning as more possible severe thunderstorms move into the area. 


1st federal opioid crisis trial to focus on distribution

Does anyone remember back in the 1980’s and 90’s it was called the “war on drugs?”
Well during this current year, the Government has changed its motto and targets. It is now known as the “opioid epidemic,” and the target are those companies who make the opioids, or distribute them to Doctors and pharmacies. And as this case will prove, these companies are nothing but giant cash cows for the government, and the states, and who else may have their hand out. 
Today in Cleveland, Ohio a 7 week trial is about to take place between these opioid makers and distributors vs the 2 counties in Ohio in Federal court. One of the makers on trial, Purdue Pharma, who had to file for bankruptcy earlier this year. The committee overseeing the assets of the company are suggesting to other drugmakers, distributors, and Pharmacy chain to pile on the lawsuit mountain that keeps on getting higher and higher. To date, over 2,000 lawsuits are pending against Purdue Pharma.  The pending trial has 6 other companies that are defendants in this case, Besides Purdue, Teva who owns Cephalon and Actavis; the major distributors: AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health, and Mckesson;  the smaller distributors of Henry Schein, and Walgreens. Another 2600 lawsuits are pending on the other companies. 
This is the first case of any kind that companies are being tried, so they would be held accountable for the national “opioid epidemic” crisis. Whatever happens, in this case, will be the benchmark for other cases to follow. So, it would be safe to say that everyone will be watching this trial closely. Here is the heart of the matter from the Plaintiff’s side; drug companies improperly marketed the powerful painkillers to the Dr, and other prescribers. They are overselling the benefit and understanding the risks of drugs long linked to addiction.  Since the 2000’s, there has been around 400,000 deaths in the US due to overdosing of painkillers…this stat includes both the prescription kind and the illegal kind like heroin or Fentanyl. The counties believe the money they receive from the settlements will help and fix this “epidemic,” and to help families who lost loved ones because of the overdosing on opioids. 
The Companies, on the other hand, say they are innocent due to the Federal Drug Agency Enforcement (FDEA) keeps raising the quota should be made even as the overdoses rose. Questions remain, however, that this trail wants to know; were these companies obligated to halt shipment of suspicious orders and did they reply? The judge, in this case, Judge Dan Polster, has for a long time been pushing for settlements as a way to distribute money in this “epidemic.” 

UPDATE, BREAKING NEWS! Opioid settlement reached with drug companies in major federal opioid trial

A settlement has been reached before opening arguments this morning. Four companies reached a settlement with the 2 counties of Cuyahoga and Summit counties. This averted a possible seven-week trial that would have been the first of its kind. Mckesso Corp, Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen who are the drug distributors, and the drugmaker Teva. There is no news from Walgreens if they settled or not. The settlement reached will cost the 3 major companies $215 million in cash and for Teva $20 million in cash. the two counties are figuring out what to do with the money. 

Daily Herald

China issues stinging rebuke of US at Beijing defense forum

Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe during his opening speech at the Xiangshan Forum, Highly criticized the US by means of the same, tired, and boring propaganda lines. He says that China is not “fazed” by the sanctions and the high tariffs and saying that the goal of the Chinese is to integrate Taiwan back into the country. “No one and no force will be able to stop the course.” By the way the catchphrase for this little forum he was at, “Maintaining International order and promote peace in Asia-Pacific.” This forum was for a bunch of his regional security official buddies. Wei continues, “[China] will never allow the separatists for Taiwan independence to take their chances or any external forces to interfere with Taiwan’s affairs. Reunification, of the Motherland, is a justified course and separatists activities are doomed to failure.” 
For anyone who doesn’t know, Taiwan is an island nation that was a Japanese colony at one time. During the civil war in China, Taiwan broke free in 1949. Today they enjoy the benefits of US Military aid and diplomacy, even though there is no formal agreement. 
On the US side of things, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee had the top US diplomat David R Stilwell on the issue of China. He says that the Chinese ruling Committee is pursuing a “repressive alternate vision.” On China’s claim to virtually own the entire South China Sea, he said that China “exemplified by the preposterous Nine-dashed line” and “lacked” legal, historic or geographic merit. He continues on saying that “China’s claim to be pursuing a peaceful code of conduct with other parties while using it’s navy, coast guard and other actors, to bully neighbors such as Vietnam and cement its claim in the area by building artificial island outposts.”


‘Joker’ Looks To Break Worldwide B.O. Record For R-Rated Film, On Its Way To $900M


Despite the Mainstream media’s attempt to scare every one of the potential mass shooting that never happened. however, it prompted extreme concern from the FBI, US military, LAPD, and local law enforcement. In its third weekend, Joker made $107 million worldwide, and the overall total $737.5 million. At this pace Joker has the possibility to reach $900 million, which would break the record for highly grossed film globally. Dead Pool is currently the top-grossing movie with $783 million.


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