More UK Arrests in Human Trafficking. Dodge Recalls. FCC to Raise Cable Rates?

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Police Arrest 3 More After 39 Found Dead in UK Truck

3 more suspects have been arrested in connection to the 39 deaths that were discovered last Wednesday. The 31 males and the 8 females were found in a refrigerated trailer located in Greys, East London. They are believed to be Chinese and Vietnamese nationals who arrived in Dublin, Ireland four days prior to being discovered. A male and Female both 38, from Warrington, were arrested Overnight on the suspicion of Manslaughter and to contributing to traffic people.
On Friday, a 48 year-old-male, who is from Northern Ireland was arrested at the London Stansted Airport and was also charged with Manslaughter and trafficking. Mo Robinson, 25, a truck driver from Northern Ireland, was the one who picked up the trailer and discovered the bodies. He is still in custody after being charged with murder on Wednesday night. 

Epoch Times

US to Send Forces to Syria to Help Keep Oil Fields From ISIS

According to Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Friday, There will still be an American presence in Syria. US Mechanized forces (Basically any tracked vehicles, like Tanks, and APC’s) will be guarding Syrian Oil Fields. The purpose is to slap ISIS’s hand away from using resources to attack our troops or to strike against Europe or America.
I think he is saying this is a preventive measure or just in case scenario, which, by the way, went against what Trump said weeks ago, that we we’re pulling all forces out of Syria. Esper counters that by saying the Pentagon and the President agreed on this plan of action all along, to leave troops behind to protect oil. 
Trump in a tweet on Friday, said that “Turkey will not fire on the Kurds” as they leave for safe zones. Turkey and Syria agreed on a temporary cease-fire this past week.

“I don’t have to repeat that large scale sanctions will be imposed for violations. Going Well!”

President Trump

So what about all the ISIS militants that were left behind? According to Esper, the SDF (Kurdish Syrian Defense Force), are securing the ISIS prisoners. Turkish Defense minister assured Esper that all the escaped terrorist militants who escaped were recaptured. 
Final words from Mr. Trump on this matter,

Oil is secured, our soldiers have left, and are leaving Syria for other places, then coming home…I simply say, THE OIL, AND WE ARE BRINGING OUR SOLDIERS HOME, ISIS SECURED!

The Epoch Times

Fiat Chrysler Recalls Over 660K Trucks; Steering Could Fail

Fiat Chrysler has recalled over 660,000 heavy-duty trucks worldwide, most in the US and Canada. The reason being a loose nut may cause a loss of steering control. That is the linkage between the steering box and front wheels can come apart. This recall covers RAM 3500 pickups from 2013 through 2017, 2500 series pickups and 3500 Chassis Cab from 2014 – 2017. The company is aware possibly of 8 crashes and one injury. There is no date if owners will be notified of this recall. Dealers will inspect and fix the problem is needed. Owners who may have any questions, may call (800)853-1403, or go to under the recall section. 
RAM has another recall of around 194,000 of light-duty trucks in the US. The brake pedals may fall off if the brakes are set in the lowest rear setting. Certain 2019 RAM pickups with adjustable brake pedals that you switch on from the cab and is attached to an electronic motor. A third of the trucks are in Dealerships and will be fixed before shipping. This recall does not include the 2019 RAM classic. There has been no report of injury and no date if the owners will be notified. 

The Epoch Times

The FCC is using streaming services as an excuse to raise cable rates

With the rise of streaming services, cable companies have the perfect excuse now to raise its rates. According to the FCC order on Friday, AT&T’s TV Now streaming service qualifies as a substitute TV cable company. Charter who’s region is in Massachusetts and Hawaii, filed a petition stating such and the FCC agreed.
According to the Cable Act of 1992, local regulators are permitted to regulate cable prices in markets with one provider. This was to prevent these companies from jacking the prices unfairly to its customers. 
So with this judgment, the flood gates are open for the other major cable companies to do the same thing to their customers. All they have to prove is these streaming services are indeed their competitor in the regions they control.
This deregulation sets a precedent that will indeed make the customers of these cable companies to pay possible ridiculous rates.
What about Charter? They already said the rates were going up if the petition past. 

The Verge

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