Breakdown: Pence, “…he should resign.” Op-Ed

A look into a phrase which is highly suspect.

From an article from The Hill

I was going through my news list, and found this quote from the Vice-President that made me pause. It is the highlighted passage in the screen capture. I know making a whole post on one quote is silly, but humor me for a moment.

…[who] doesn’t support this president…


So far, I have this question, why would you have people on your staff who do not support you? Don’t you get to pick your staff? Phrases like this always make me stroke my chin and wonder if they thought it through enough before saying it, but that isn’t what I want to address.

…doesn’t support his agenda, he should resign.


This is the part that had me do double and triple takes. Having only yes-men and women on your staff to blindly do what you desire smacks of a dictatorial set-up.
This is an ego-stroke, for President Trump, who already has a large enough ego. Yes, I said it. Trump is an egotist, and he doesn’t need people around him to think everything that comes out of his mouth is the best thing since sliced bread.
He needs to be questioned, challenged, and told when his ideas are complete crap.

The White House’s Revolving Door

There have been 39 people who have either resigned or were fired during Trump’s tenure, and he’s not done with his term.
Of these, some left due to not being able to do their jobs properly, their leaking of information, their advice not being taken seriously, or not doing what Trump expected them to do.
Sessions? Trump got bent out of shape when the then Attorney General recused himself from the election tampering investigation.
Mattis? Wasn’t listen to in regards to military advice, thus his hands were tied.
That’s just two examples. If you go through the whole list here, you will probably find there is a reason that leads right back to our President.

I do not think those who don’t agree with President Trump’s agenda should resign. I think they should stay right where they are and keep challenging him when he tries to do something they think is not correct. We don’t need an administration of yes-men and women who bow at his every whim. We need a President without an ego the size of North America to get his head out of his ass and start listening to those who are trying to advise him.

Anissa “Maddy” Walker.

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