What’s Going on?

There has been a lot of things going on since the last time I posted. It has just been so hectic, I haven’t had the chance to post and update those who still follow this blog.

what have I doing? What’s going on with the blog? Where is this headed? Where was I?

Keep reading, and I will be more than happy to fill you in on all the details.

Since November, there has been many adjustments and changes that lead to a lack of posting. I could say that I forgot or my ADD caused it, but those are weak excuses and not reasons.

Where have I been?

I took a long break from posting due to the inundation of the impeachment investigation and hearings. I got tired of hearing about it all the time and decided enough people were covering it that I didn’t feel the need to do so myself.
In March, we had to leave our apartment. We could not afford to pay the rent. Yes, a week before all the lock-down happened, we were evicted and moved in with a friend. This lead to a curtailing of content due to being upended. For a week after moving in, my bronchitis knocked me on my ass. No, it was not Coronavirus. It WAS acute bronchitis. I started feeling better and began to try and balance looking for a new residence with video content creation, which turned out to be a bad idea. I was overworking myself again, a very bad habit I have.
Then the infighting started again about the legislation to try to stem the bleeding from all the lock-downs.

Where are we now?

We are still looking for an abode in which to live. So, we are still living with a friend. We have not streamed news or commentary due to this fact. I am very adamant about not recording children, especially children that are not mine, nor do I want to be THAT house guest that makes demands and overstays her welcome.
So, no streaming and lots of home searching. We do have some prospects. We are working with agents. It’s been better the past week.

Future plans?

I am intending on dusting off the blog and making commentary, news, and speech breakdown posts.
I am still planning on making this a paid for URL, meaning there will be more changes in the works, such as premium content, and monthly subscriptions through WordPress as they offer those services with their paid blogs. They offer something else as well, LIVE STREAMS. So, there may be more changes in the future for the blog and the business.

What will not change…

I am still offering my freelance services for hire.
I am still trying to find a balance between my news, pop culture, and health blogs and content.
I am still planning on giving you more quality content.

So, until then, hang in there and thank you for your support and patience.

Until Next Time,
Anissa “Maddy” Walker

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