Glasses are clean, and the cap is on! Back in the Saddle!

Yep, it’s me, Maddy! Heyllo, everyone!

Heyllo, everyone, it’s me, Maddy, your crazy news chick. I am back in the saddle, collecting, sorting, and making notes, but this time, the blog is a little different. How you ask?

Read on, my friends and followers.

My Hiatus

I will have to admit I was overwhelmed and burned out. I was trying to keep up with every aspect of the news, and being only one person, I found myself stressing over every little news story, political meltdown, and incident that was breaking. It wore me down. I stopped doing everything.
During my hiatus, I took a good look at where I really want to go with my blog, and decided that enough people were covering politics.
For me, it’s a daily dive into the seedy underbelly of deceit, optics, bullshit, and spin that made my eyes roll and want to slap some folks. So, what will I do with the blog?

Crime, Breakdowns, and Transcriptions.

I have decided to keep my ears sharp and my brain working at full steam by diving head-long into true crime blogging, transcribing speeches and official statements. I will also be breaking down speeches and doing a little fact checking along the way.
As a transcriber, I want to keep that skill fresh and up-to-date. What better way to do that then to transcribe what people in the public eye are saying? So, that will be a portion of the blog.

What won’t I be doing?

I will not be keeping up with the daily political grind. However, I will be covering the debate and tweeting updates during the election to bring you the information as fast as I can.
The debate will be a challenge for me as I will be fact checking it after it is over and providing written segments on here.

How often?

I am aiming for three days a week with the crime stories being on the last day of the week. The crime stories will also feature video content either created by me or sourced. All video content will be on Storyfire as YouTube has a tendency to take down videos with graphic violence no matter what warnings you put on it.

Blind and Sight impaired friendly!

Going forward, all the citations I use will be place in a segment at the end of the posts on this blog and all pictures will be tagged and described. Through watching a friend of mine on YouTube, I understand the struggle blind and sight-impaired people go through with readers constantly shouting “Link” when they are just trying to read an article.
The segment will be titled as all segments are, and you can either scroll through them or skip them.
All videos I create will include descriptions as to the action in the video to help you better understand what is going on in the clips.

Deaf and Hearing Impaired

All videos I create will be captioned within the video. You will not need to use captioning options or plugins.

Thank you for your support.

I hope you will stay with me in the months to come and enjoy the content I provide.
I am still riding in a semi with my husband. So, excuse any background noise from the road in the videos. I am trying my best to edit that out.

Links to my channels.


Until next time,
Anissa “Maddy” Walker

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