MSM and the Silver Spoon of Propaganda: Part one

screencap of MWM Media tweet 
propaganda tweet
Above screecap cap reads: Give me an article on a story and I will find a rabbit hole of links that will lead back to one source more times than not. Give me four sources reporting breaking news, and I will follow the links in the article. More often than not, they will all lead back to one article. 1/

The rate at which the mainstream media twists facts and inserts opinions into articles that are meant  to inform is staggering. There was time when you could read or watch the news and hear more than opinion. You could even tell the difference and knew when one stopped and the other began. However, starting back in 2001, we started seeing a change in the media we consume. It was as if the anchors and reporters were no longer informed when it came to covering the news.In this series, I will show you what I mean by the tweet thread I did on the 7th. I will point out, using the mainstream media what I mean by “soft propaganda”. This is in hopes you can see, or have been seeing what I have been seeing. 

September 11, 2001, is another date that will live in infamy. Planes struck the Twin Towers in New York and one crashed in Pennsylvania. It was chaos. People were trying to contact loved ones as many of us sat in disbelief that the towers were in flames. I remember being in the living room of a friend’s house having brunch when the video popped on the television. She hopped up and started making calls to get in touch with her family who worked in one of the towers. I sat, transfixed. Dan Rather’s voice was over the video. When it switched to him, what he said next made me look at the screen as if a horn was growing out of Rather’s forehead.”Where is President Bush? Where is the President?”He was at a school reading to children and was informed of the attack by Secret Service, who told the president to stay put and not panic the children. They were doing their job. He was doing as instructed, and here was an once-trusted anchor acting like he had no clue what protocol was in an emergency situation. This would be the beginning of the end to Rather’s distinguished career. Little did I know that was just the tip of the ice burg, and that the discrediting of the media had actually started two years prior with resignations at the New York Times.I wasn’t really following the news then as I am now. I had no clue what happened in 2003. 

In 2003, there was a major shakeup in the media, but in actuality, this problem goes further back than that. In this series, I will highlight the times American journalism embellished, spun, and inaccurately reported the news. I hope you will join me for this eye-opening docu-series. We will start with the Vietnam era and work our way to the present. 

Link to Tweet Thread:
Tweet Thread on Soft Propaganda

Until next time,
Anissa “Maddy” Walker

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