The George Floyd Files: The Incident

Before the incident…

There is CCTV footage from before the event that unfolded.

CCTV via NBC News. This was posted June 1, 2020

The police are shown approaching the car and removing two people before we see George Floyd removed from the vehicle. He is already cuffed, walked toward the wall sat down on the ground as another unit pulls up. As there is no audio, we cannot tell what they are saying.
At 4:33, the police officer lifts Floyd off the ground while still talking to him.
At 4:40, he is taken closer to the camera as it appears he is arguing with the officer and the officer is struggling to keep Floyd moving forward.
At 4:45 another officer approaches and the three start talking.
At 4:54 Floyd is taken off-screen.
The rest of the video shows the police unit leaving the corner.

Highly edited body cam footage via The Telegraph.

This is the body cam footage that was released from the officer who pulled up onto the scene. It is highly redacted, which received backlash from the public.

In the 38-second clip below, you can hear George Floyd pleading to the officers to let him stand, saying that his faith is gone and that he can’t breathe.

via NBC news

This is another angle of the incident that led to George’s death. Below is a heavily redacted video of the arrest and death.

via ABC 7

Again, this video is heavily edited and has been ridiculed by the public. It starts with the officer getting out of his vehicle.
At 16 seconds, the officer is approaching the scene and you can hear calls of “all clear”.
You cannot see everything that is happening due to the black blocks on the video used to redact it.
At 22 seconds, the officer says, “I don’t want you to grab anything from the car. Leave the car alone.
:44 Officer: Good, good.
There is intermittent sound when the radio on the officer crackles to life.
:51 Officer: What’d you guys take out of the car?
:55 Cigarettes? Got your personal items?
We can’t see the reactions to the questions. That part has been redacted by the black blocks.
1:02 Officer: Who’s car is this?
1:08 Officer: Okay
More intermittent noises. More motions that are unseen due to redacted footage.
2:02 Officer: Okay, just stay put alright? I don’t want nobody near his car.
2:09 you see another police unit pull up to the scene.
There is pointing and waving by the officer, but you can’t hear what he is saying.
2:28 Officer: Just my partner their names or no?
2:34 Officer: Did you write it down?
2:37 Officer: ‘Kay, stay put, alright? Let’s see what my partner does.
The body cam pans as the officer looks around at the scene. Again, you cannot see any reactions due to the redactions.
3:12 Officer: We’ll see what happens alright? You guys just stay put until what… till my partners come back here.
4:09 Alright, I see… the rest is garbled. I could not make it out.
There is more waving around and camera panning.
4:30 Officer: I stay far in the back.
4:37 Officer: What’s… What’s her name?
4:57 radio chatter
The people that are redacted are moving, but you can’t see what else they are doing in this span of time.
6:01-6:23 more radio chatter
The officer makes his way to the driver’s side of the vehicle that was pulled over and picks what looks to be either a debit or credit card off the ground next to it. He then proceeds to close the driver-side door and walk back toward where he was before. There seems to be a conversation going on, but there is no audio to confirm that in the video. All you see is the officer pointing at the two people who’s identities are hidden.
7:29 Officer: How do you say you not know him when you say he’s with you?
Audio cuts out. We don’t hear an answer.
7:35 Officer: Okay, okay, just stay put then.
8:47 Officer: Okay, sure.
9:20 Officer: So, now that all this is said, all you guys can do (?).
The last word is hard to make out.
9:38 Officer: Gotta talk to my partner to see what’s up.
10:00 Radio dispatch message
10:08 More radio chatter. The Dispatch is identifying two people, a male, and a female.
During this pause in the audio, one of the detainees can be seen pacing. The body pans around again to show the street corner.
11:05 Officer: Stay put, guys.
11:12 more radio chatter… As the mic becomes hot, you can hear a man in the distance saying something, but it’s faint. The mic cuts at 11:22.
11:45 more radio chatter…
11:55 more radio chatter…
12:13 Officer: Just stay put here, alright until my partner -I don’t know where they are- can figure things out. We’ll figure things out, alright?
12:20 Officer: Right now, we’re grabbing an ambulance for your buddy.
12:44 The officer pans around to where Floyd and the other officers are, and you can see the ambulance.
13:00 More radio chatter
13:25 The officer addresses the other two people again, but we can’t see how they are reacting or hear what they are saying.
14:20 Officer: Where’s his phone?
14:23 Officer: car. Can’t. Nope. I don’t want you reaching in the car, okay?
14:30 Officer: The car is not going anywhere.
14:35 Officer: Don’t go into the car.
14:42 Officer: I don’t want you guys going to the car. That’s it.
15:01 Officer: Once my partners come over here, you guys can ask, right?
15:20 The officer looks at another person: Just go straight, man. It’s tight here.
15:25 Officer: You guys okay?
15:28 He gets asked a question and the officer: I don’t know. I have to wait for three t- and the video ends.
It is easy to see why people were outraged when the footage was released. It was heavily edited to hide identities, to cut out audio, and the officer was not near the scene for anyone to see what happened.

First responders and ER staff worked for almost an hour to attempt to resuscitate George Floyd. He was pronounced dead at Hennepin County Medical Center ninety (90) minutes after his encounter with the police.

The call that sparked what would lead to Floyd’s death was from a Cup Foods alleging someone was trying to pay with a counterfeit bill. This was around 8 PM CST.
Two rookie police officers saw a man fitting the description from the clerk in a vehicle across the street. It was at this time, Officers Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao joined the scene.
George was officially pronounced dead at 21:25 CST.

It has been released that the paramedics were not aware of the severity of the situation. It is speculated that the “load and go” that took place was due to a sense of urgency as unloading gear from the ambulance would have taken too long.
Hennepin Healthcare EMS Chief Marty Scheerer had the following to say

I don’t think the paramedics knew what was going on. They just saw a split second of what was happening. Ultimately, if the police have somebody in custody, we have to get permission from them to work on the patient.”


Firefighters were first told that Floyd sustained “trauma to his mouth.” It was, for this reason, Fire Engine 17 arrived at the scene without lights and sirens after the ambulance pulled out of the area. The initial to backup EMS was called out as a Code 2, not a Code 3 which would have been a more urgent call.

Part two will feature more body cam footage of the event with a voice over for the blind and sight impaired. It is over an hour long, and was uploaded August 10, 2020. Part Two, which will be the body cam footage, will be a video. Follow my social media accounts to catch the announcement. As it is sensitive footage, it will not be shown on YouTube.

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