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What if I told you they don't teach you your rights in school because it's easier to take them away if you don't even know what they are?
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Warning for the sight impaired and the blind.
There are embedded tweets in this post. I could not put the links at the end.

House of Commons Announcement

The House of Commons will be giving an economy update on Thursday, October 22, 2020.

VA Houston Research Suggest Other Reasons for Head and Neck Cancer

The findings suggest other causes outside of smoking. There is a video in the tweet below that explains more and a link for how and when the study was conducted.

In the Chamber UK Tweets the House Agenda for the Day

For sight impaired and blind, this is the Agenda.
2:00 PM Statements by members
2:15 PM Oral Questions
3:00 PM Deferred Recorded Divisions
Business of Supply-Opposition Motion (Amendment} Special committee on anti-corruption
Routine Proceedings
Government Orders (Commons)
Government Bills (Commons)
-C-7 second reading, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code (Medical Assistance in dying)
Adjournment Proceedings
Adjournment of the House

Made in the UK, Prime Minister Tweet

Warships providing supplies and support to aircraft carriers will be made by British-led teams.

PM of Israel on the Great Reset

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on a virtual panel hosted by the World Economic forum.


New Hampshire Joint Fugitive Task Force needs you help in finding John Robert Wentworth, III. Is on violation of parole and bail warrant on cocaine possession. He has violent tendencies.

The UN on Vaccines

The United Nations gives information on vaccines and how they work.

Bureau of Indian Education

Applications for Farm school grant request are open! Click on the link in the tweet for more information.


ICE needs your help in finding Samark Jose Lopez Bello. The charges are money laundering, International Narcotics and Trafficking. Last known whereabouts were Caracas, Venezuela.

That’s the government dump for the day.
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