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Nurse caring for a Covid-19 patient.

COVID UPDATE: New Record for Average Cases as Winter Poses New Threat

The latest numbers of those who tested positive for Covid-19 has increased by 5% in 36 states. This latest number was furnished by CNBC from the Covid Tracking Project. The data collected from the project was analyzed and the results are a new average number of those testing positive for Covid-19.Epidemiologists push to recognize the hospitalizations as a more accurate indicator of outbreak severity. They also stated that new cases often fluctuate based on testing.

Illinois reported 2,638 hospitalized with Covid-19. A lag in cases is attributed to the time it takes for a patient to be diagnosed to the time it takes them to become ill enough for needing hospital treatment. This has lead to a more than 24% increase when compared to a week ago, which is a daily average of 2.480.The Covid Tracking Project tracks testing, hospitalization, and other data on the outbreak. the project is headed by journalists at The Atlantic.

El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego imposed a curfew on Sunday. This is an effort to protect hospitals and workers who are “overwhelmed and exhausted”. The project numbers touted the county having over 5,200 people hospitalized with Covid-19. The state of Texas itself had a daily average of 4,970 people in hospitals with the virus, a more than 18% increase.

The project also reported a more than 5% decrease of Covid-19 cases from Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, and Maine.

As a nation, we’ve had a seven-day increase that exceeds 19%, which tallies to an average of 69,967 new cases daily. We must take into consideration that testing cannot be the end-all for the rise in cases. This is due to the fact that those testing positive have increased, too.

My Two Cents (Op-Ed portion)

This is concerning, and I will be keeping my eye on it. I will also be looking for other data as relying on The Atlantic does not sit well with me, especially not after their recent debacle of making up a hit piece with the President as the focus. There is plenty of actual news happening. There is no excuse for making up news, unless you’re a satirical site.

E. Jean Carroll Photo: The Cut

Trump Rape Accuser: US can offer no Immunity from Defamation

In 2019, a memoir was released, What do we need men for? A Modest Proposal by E. Jean Carroll. In an excerpt, Carroll alleges that President Trump raped her in the mid 90s in Goodman’s Department store and included a detailed accounting. Trump denied ever knowing her although there was a picture of them at a party in 1987. He went on to say, “She’s not my type”, and continued by asserting that Carroll was lying “to sell a new book”.

E. Jean Carroll filed a defamation suit, and nothing was heard about on the wires until today.Last month, September, The Justice Department attempted to block the suit, drop Trump as the defendant, and insert The Department of Justice as the defendant. This was denied by a federal judge on Tuesday.

The reason?

Incidents in which a federal employee take part in doing can be shielded by the law, but this does not cover presidents.

In a 61-page decision, Kaplan was noted as writing, “No one even arguably directed or controlled President Trump when he commented on the plaintiff’s accusation, which had nothing to do with the official business of government, that he raped her decades before he took office, and no one had the ability to control him.”

Another source lists Kaplan noting this in the decision, “His comments concerned an alleged sexual assault that took place several decades ago before he took office, and the allegations have no relationship to the official business of the United States.”

This means Trump must be at the hearing of the defamation lawsuit as himself. The Justice Department declined to comment.

My Two Cents: (Op-Ed)

The only thing I can point out is the fact that there are two different accounts of what was said in the decision. One used “allegations” and “Alleged” while the other used “rape” not in the context of an allegation. I will have to find the decision and see what was actually stated. I do have doubts about the first notation. A Justice would not flat-out state an illegal act if had not been proven.

Image is of a crowd of protestors.
Image from MSNdotcom of protestors

Shooting of Walter Wallace Jr Prompts Philadelphia Riots, National Guard Called

On the afternoon of October 26, Walter Wallace Junior was seen walking around a residential street with a knife in his possession. Witnesses say that his mother was trying to restrain him, but he continued to advance toward the officers. Police say he ignored commands to put down his knife before they opened fire. Sources listed at the end of this post report that 14 total shots were fired, but no one can confirmed how many actually hit Wallace. An officer on the scene drove Wallace to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Mother says she called an ambulance

It has been reported that the mother called for an ambulance, not the police for intervention for her son’s mental health crisis. It is unclear when the ambulance was called, but sources listed state the police had been called to the home three previous times before the incident took place.

Investigation ongoing

There has been an investigation launched. The officers were taken off the streets while the investigation is ongoing. Police Chief Inspector Frank Vanore confirmed that a call had been received before the incident in regards to a man screaming and stating he was armed with a knife. Neither officer had tasers, an ongoing problem with funding for the department, and one Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw has been combating by saying the department had previously asked for funding to equip more officers with tasers. There are calls for the release of body cam footage to be public. The names of the officers and their descriptions have not been released while the investigation continues.

Rioting in Philadelphia

Hours after the incident people took to the streets to protest the shooting, and the protest devolved into a riot with 30 officers wounded, with one set ablaze. Bricks were hurled at the officers along with other debris. Officers, armed with batons, tried to calm the crowd. The riot was live-streamed starting at 12:50 AM EST. Though during daylight hours the protests were reported as mostly peaceful, the after dark hours saw rioting and looting as people were seen damaging store fronts and stealing items.

National Guard on the Scene

As of approximately 9 AM EST on the date of this post, the Philadelphia’s National Guard was deployed to handle the ongoing riot. This makes the second time in five months they have had to be deployed.

The Family Denounces the Violence

Wallace’s father was cited denouncing the looting, “They are not helping my family. They’re showing disrespect. Stop this violence and chaos.”Rodney Everett, Wallace Jr’s uncle, added to Senior’s statement, “I do not want my city tore down. We don’t need that. Don’t do this in the name of my nephew because this is not what he would’ve wanted.”

My Two Cents: (Op-ed)

As this is an ongoing investigation, there are a lot of questions unanswered. When was the ambulance called?Was it ever dispatched? If it was dispatched, why did an officer have to take Wallace Jr. to the hospital?Was Wallace being treated for his mental illness? Was he on medication that would have caused erratic behavior? These are not questions to condemn Wallace, merely to get a bigger picture.If he was receiving treatment and was taking medication, why was his therapist not notified?There is more to this story, and I will keep an eye on it and update all of you in future posts.

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E. Jean Carroll Lawsuit
The Cut

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