GOVERNMENT DUMP: Streamlining Medicare, HUrricane Zeta update, Embassy in the Maldives, and more!

From Government Twitter accounts to you.

A man doing a split aiming at bottles on a window sill with pistols. Meme reads:
Government: Work form home
picture is the answer.
Warning for the sight-impaired and blind:
There are embedded tweets in the post they will
trigger a repeated prompt with your reader.

One Step Closer to an Embassy in the Maldives

Pictures in tweet are of the meeting in India

EU Posts about the Coronavirus

Zeta is continuing to Strengthen

CMS Proposes Streamline Medicare Coverage

Picture says:
“With the policies outlined in this proposed rule, innovators have a much more predictable path to understanding the kinds of products that Medicare will pay for,” said CMS Administrator Seema Verma. “For manufacturers, bringing a new product to market will mean they can get a Medicare payment amount and billing code right off the bat, resulting in quicker access for Medicare beneficiaries to the latest technological advances and the most, cutting-edge devices available. It’s clearly a win-win for patients and innovators alike.”
-CMS Administrator Seema Verma
There is a link in the tweet itself if you wish to learn more.

Israel and US sign Agreement Extending Scientific Cooperation

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