GOVERNMENT DUMP: House and Senate Update, Eta, Gunpowder Plot Day, Veteran’s Day Educational Tools, and more!

The Monday-Friday digest of government tweets from around the world and the United States.

Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday. After live-tweeting the election on the 3rd, I needed a day off.

Warning for the sight-impaired and blind:
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No word from Congress on Twitter

Neither side from the House of Representatives or the Senate has released statements on Twitter. Due to the chaos of election night, we may not hear from them for a few more days. It is for this reason I am posting the results thus far on the Congressional seats.

Still no clear majority in the Senate.

via AP live tracking

The Republican Party Gains Seats in the House

Netanyahu meets with Foreign Minister of Malawi… A Thread

HM Treasury has Extended Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Veteran’s Day is November 11th. The VA helps with Educational tools.

Your UK Parliament Tells You to “Remember, remember the 5th of November”

Eta Over Florida

This concludes the dump for the day. Keep on the lookout for more posts today. If you do not wish to receive multiple notifications, we have a digest option.

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