GOVERNMENT DUMP: Netanyahu Supports Vienna, House of Lords on the Terror Level, Message to Veterans, and More!

The Monday-Friday posting of what’s going on in government positions around the world and in the United States.

Warning for the sight-impaired and blind:
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PM Netanyahu Reached Out to Chancellor Kurz of Vienna

Happy 245th Birthday US Marines!

House of Lords UK Addresses the Terror Threat

FTC Discusses the Franchise Rule

A Message to Veterans

From the Shores of Normandy to the Jungles of Vietnam,
We thank you.
From Korean War to Desert Storm,
We thank you,

We will never forget the blood, sweat and tears you gave to this country to protect our freedoms. We are ever-thankful for you service and dedication to this country and its people.
If you need a helping hand, know that we do it out of respect and not charity. You gave to us, and there are those of us who will not hesitate to give back to you.
Happy Veteran’s Day.

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