GOVERNMENT DUMP: A Poem and Posts Honoring Our veterans #VeteransDay2020 #ArmistaceDay2020

An aggregation of the days tweets from government entities foreign and domestic.

Warning for the sight-impaired and blind:
There are embedded tweets in the post they will
trigger a repeated prompt with your reader.

To the Veterans

To those who served in foreign wars
Countries that wanted you there or not.
To those who saved their Allies
We forget you not.
For those who fought in jungles deep,
who were treated with disdain.
For those who fought on desert sands,
Loyalty will never wain.
For those who now fight battles past,
Who fight for precious sleep.
For those who fight the illnesses,
In our prayers will we keep.
For you are the brave, the loyal, and the true,
The heroes of all the lands.
You were our protectors,
And with you, we will stand.
-Anissa Walker Nov. 2020

In honor of our Veterans, foreign and domestic, here is a collection of Twitter posts honoring you.

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