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Louisiana Teen’s Death Investigated as Homicide

Quawan Charles via afrocongo on Twitter

On October 30, 2020, Quawan Charles was taken against his will. Preliminary reports say he was last seen with Jane Irvin and her 17-year old son. Many are saying it is a hate crime do to the races of the people involved. Jane and her son are white. Quawan was a 15-year old young black man. However, neither the family nor the investigating officers are deeming it as such.

The Timeline
Quawan was supposed to be picked up from his father’s home by his mother and taken for a hair cut. The call to the police did not happen until after 7 PM that evening when the father said Quawan was responding when called. The boy’s door was forced open and that is when the empty room was discovered. When contacted to report their son was missing, the Baldwin Police, without confirming, said the boy as more than likely at a football game. No Amber Alert was issued. This was reported to the press by the family’s attorney, Chase Trichell.

The Discovery
Quawan was found approximately 20 miles away in a Loreauvulle, LA. The small town is in Iberia Parish. Reports and further information are mixed as some sources say he was found in a sugar cane field and another says he found in a muddy field after they pinged his cellphone. The muddy field could be the aforementioned sugar cane field as the fields are surrounded by several bodies of water. The sheriff’s office in the parish said they would “ensure no stone is left unturned in an effort to find the truth.

The Persons of Interest
Mr. Haley, the father, along with other members of the family performed an investigation of their own. They discovered their son was allegedly taken by Janet Irvin and her 27-year-old son. This has not been confirmed by police. Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office declined to release the identities of those they have questioned but state they are under surveillance.

The Investigations
The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Department is handling the case as a homicide investigation, standard protocol. Press sources say investigators are “aggressively gathering evidence”.
The Baldwin Police Department, which has come under fire for not releasing an Amber Alert, stated they will be investigating the disappearance.
Opinion: The difference between the two investigations could be a jurisdiction issue seeing how the alleged abduction happened in the Baldwin jurisdiction, but the discovery of the body was in Iberia Parish. Baldwin may have their hands tied until the case links the disappearance to the death.

The Preliminary Autopsy Report
There has been a preliminary autopsy report conducted by the Iberia Parish. A preliminary autopsy is one that takes place over the course of a couple of days and starts at the scene of the crime. It is used to determine what further tests are needed.
This is followed up by a full autopsy and toxicology report after further investigation into the victim and consultation with experts. They will generally not release the body until after the full autopsy is performed.

The results of the preliminary listed the caused of death was drowning. They cited the discovery of muddy water found in his airways and hyperinflated lungs. The scratches and wounds found on the face were attributed to aquatic animals and that Quawan had not sustained pre-mortem injuries.
This has been called into question and the family has a Go Fund Me in their name to raise funds for an independent autopsy.

Moderna in Third Phase for Covid Vaccination

picture via: blue diamond gallery

Nov. 16, 2020- Moderna’s third phase, which included a sample of thirty thousand (30,000) people from 100 different locations and given either two doses of the vaccine or placebo over a four week period, had 95 people who presented with Covid-19 symptoms. Of the 95, 90 received with placebo, and five were injected with the vaccine. This moves the vaccine closer to being used widely.

Even though researchers and regulators will wait for more data, the vaccine is showing positive for being safe. Moderna’s plans included requesting the federal health authorities by early December to clear the vaccine.

If the vaccine is authorized, its initial release will be limited to 20 million, which will be enough for 100 million people by the end of the year. The initial round may go to first responders and health care workers then other segments after that until more doses are manufactured and released next year.

The FDA would like two months’ of safety monitoring for a minimum of half of the 30,000 people in the trial. Moderna expects to meet this milestone by the end of November.

The reported side effects include injection-site pain for some people after the first dose. The second doses side effects listed thus far are fatigue, headache, and joint pain.

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Charles Case
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