GOVERNMENT DUMP: Northern Ireland Protocol Questions continue, Demonstrations in Colombia, UK PM Statement on Integrated Review, and More!!!

The Monday-Friday tweet digest that gives you a peek into governments foreign and domestic.

Warning for the sight-impaired and blind:
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House of Lords Repeat Question on Northern Ireland Protocol

Demonstrations in Colombia

Putin Meets with Head of Federal Taxation Service

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Secretary Pompeo Releases a Statement about Israel

EU Council Meets to Talk about COVID

The Prime Minister’s Statement on the Integrated Review

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  1. Although the overall situation in Tigray state has remained largely calm, pockets of fighting continue and are likely to persist in the coming months. Operations by the federal forces against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) are ongoing. Violence and looting are also being reported in many parts of the region. Essential travel to Ethiopia can proceed, though staff should continue to monitor developments related to the ongoing conflict between the federal government and the authorities in Tigray state. All domestic travel to Tigray state should be deferred, while essential travel to other states is possible in close consultation with local contacts. Trade unions will hold a demonstration in the capital Paris on 23 January over the government s handling of the economic impact of COVID-19.Protesters will gather in front of the National Assembly from 14.00 (local time). Avoid the protest to minimise disruption.

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