GOVERNMENT DUMP: ICE Deportation, Russia Addresses Eurasian Congress, Advice on Scammers, and more!!!

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Tools for Spotting “Work-at-Home” Scams

I know we’re all looking for ways to make money during this time where lockdowns seem never-ending, but don’t be taken in by scammers looking to take you for everything they can. Know the signs.

Cuccinelli on the Slave Labor Camps in China

How to Spot Fake Calls from Corporations

The FTC is here with tips on how to keep yourself save from people calling and acting in the capacity of corporations like Apple, Amazon, and more!

Looking for something to spice up your tabletop campaign or a map applications that let your inner lore master run wild? Are you writing a fantasy series and need a bundle of applications to help you keep your villages, towns, and other places of interest straight?

This is the bundle for you! I highly recommend it! I got the last time around, and it’s a life-saver! Click on the picture and a save a TON of money!

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VA Debt Management Center Update

Russian Address to the First Eurasian Congress

ICE Deports El Salvadoran for Terrorist Activity

Dec. 6, 2020

Live stream launch party!

Learn how the novel came to be, the process behind self-publishing, and hang out to play some games and have fun.

Click on picture and subscribe to the House of Geek YouTube channel and don’t miss it!

Department of Labor Offers Seasonal Worker Advice

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