THE GRIND: C. African Republic Attacks, Indonesian Flight Disappears, Parler Goes Dark, PM Netanyahu Goes to Court

The Grind

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The weekend saw as much chaos as the week it followed. There is more information coming out in regards to the capitol being stormed and what will happen to the people that participated. I have amassed over 40 sources from the research I have been doing the sorting will begin today. There may be a post out Wednesday. It may be more than one part.
As always, I want to make sure I can cover all the angles to give you the most complete accounting of events and the aftermath. I don’t want to leave anything out.
About George…
I am in the process of reading a non-fiction piece of the George Floyd incident that has pushed back the video. I am also learning new editing techniques that will hopefully make it easier for you to see highlighted passages. The script I write will become the subtitles for the video.
With all that said, let’s get on with the stories from over the weekend.

Central African Republic Attacks Another City

Central African rebels attacked Bouar, a city 340 KM from Bangui. This caused UN Peacekeepers who were there to lend aid to government troops to come under fire as well.
This incident happened shortly after the re-election of President Faustin Archange Touadera. Speculation has it the attack happened to disrupt the controversial electoral process.
The government has accused the Former president Francois Bozize of inciting and advancing with the rebel forces.

Picture via MSN

Missing Indonesian Flight Sparks Search and Rescue Mission

On Saturday, January 9, 2021, flight 182 from Sriwijaya Air lost contact at 2:40 PM Western Indonesian Time which lead to a search and rescue mission.

Major Gen. Bambang Suryo Aji of Indonesia’s search and rescue agency reported that the plane possibly crashed between the Laki and Lancang Islands, located in the Thousand Islands chain northwest of Jakarta.
The passenger manifest lists 50 passengers and entries included 43 adults, 7 children, and 12 crew members.
Five warships and diving troops were dispatched by the Indonesian Navy to search for the passengers and crew.
It was reported by Flightradar24 that the plane dropped ten thousand feet in less than a minute before falling off the radar. It lost contact 11 nautical miles north of Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at an altitude 11,000 feet in the process of climbing to 13,000 feet.
The investigation and search is ongoing.

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Parler Gone from Amazon, Apple, and Google app Stores.

What is Parler? 'Free speech' social network jumps in popularity after  Trump loses election -

In the aftermath of the Capitol incident, app stores have targeted Parler, a social media application that touted free speech for all, something rarely seen on the largest social platforms.
After the storming of the capitol building over the weekend, all three app stores pressured Parler to introduce new guidelines that would establish more moderation onto its users.
Parler refused to yield.
This morning, not only has the application been taken down from all app stores, its presence has disappeared from the internet as well. Some speculate it suffered the same fate Gab suffered after a major incident. Others say the owners of the service went dark to find another server to prevent their service from being terminated by a third-party host.

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picture via MSN

Netayahu to Appear in Court for Graft Trial

Brought up on charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust, Prime Minister Netanyahu was to appear in court to face said charges on January 13 of this year. The trial started last May, but the Prime Minister was excused due to the fact his lawyers needed more time to review the prosecution’s evidence.

During this time, the court ordered the prosecution to amend the charges in order to make a differentiation between PM Netanyahu and his family who are not on trial. The premier has contended and still contends that the charges and trial are nothing more than a witch hunt.

The trial has been moved February 8 2021, due to lockdown procedures attributed to the Covid-19 pandemic. The end of the lockdown is scheduled for January 21, 2021.

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