A Failed Revolution

The attack on the capitol on January 6, 2021, and that that is what is was, was a violent attempt at sedition. It was treason, it was terrorism.

The night before the attack, I spent the evening watching live the “stop the steal rally” that was held just steps away from our nation’s capitol. For hours I listened as speaker after speaker came forward getting people to chant “1776” like a battle cry while filling their hearts with dreams of glorious revolution. Some of the more provocative speakers even promising that their fight would inspire others and that it was the only way to save their country. But that was not nearly as disturbing to me as what would come later.

Nearing the end of Rally, Alex Jones was welcomed to the stage to thunderous applause and cheers reminiscent of a rock star. Not content to merely water the seeds planted earlier, Alex told his electrified crowd that the people they would be facing inside the capitol were not humans. They were not people, elected by the people of this country. They were demons, demons trying to steal their country. Demons working for Satan’s puppet [Biden] who’s only goal was to cement a satanic globalist world order.

In a way, I have some sympathy, some empathy for the people who attacked our capital. I am not saying that there should be no accountability or that there should be no consequences. But what would any of us do if we honestly believed satanic pedophiles were trying to take over our government? What would any of us do if we honestly believed the election had been stolen and that failing to stop it, would empower a shadowy Kabbalah of evil elites to take over the world and hook our children up in farms to drain them of their adrenochrome? I would think any one of us would be moved to violence. And for that reason, the friend I was watching this rally unfold with and I both said nearly at the same time, “There is going to be violence tomorrow”. This was not prophetic, given what we were watching, this was inevitable.

Many have spent time trying to handwave this attack away as a protest just getting rowdy and out of hand. These were just patriotic Americans who let things get out of control. No, those who stormed our capital, took down our American flag and smeared feces in the halls of congress were clear what their intentions were. They declared in their own words their goals of revolution and to murder our Vice President. They brought zip ties and constructed a gallows to carry out that very end. To try and convince me that this was just a protest that got a little out of hand would be like trying to convince me that a terrorist who screams “god is great” before blowing himself up was not inspired by religious extremism. That he just got a little out of hand or that it had nothing to do with religion.

Those who stormed the capitol openly stated that their goal was to start a revolution, to kick off a second American civil war. This attack may have been a pathetic and failed attempt, but it was an attempt none the less and downplaying or sweeping this under the rug is tacit endorsement of treason. The seditionists who attacked our capitol brought down the American flag, threw it to the ground and replaced it with Trump’s. That is who they are loyal to, not America.

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4 replies

  1. Still a very strange sort of insurrectionist terrorist that fires no shots, detonates no bombs, takes no hostages, burns nothing down… but just sort of hangs out for a bit, gets shot and goes home.

    • That would be strange if that were true.

      • How many shots did they fire? How many bombs did they detonate? How many hostages did they take? How many buildings did they burn down?

        Were any of them shot?

        Did they leave?

        You know the answers to all of those, so what you are hinging this accusation of deceit on is that ‘they just sort of hung around for a bit’.

        You’re right, they did break some stuff and were rather loud as I understand it.

        You got me.

  2. Ah, wait, and there WERE other deaths- 3, not on video. Much unlike the unarmed woman who was shot through the neck but is generally excused as just and good via the hyperbole you parrot here.

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