Hannity: Timestamps Ignored or Tweets Deliberately Placed in the Copy?

Fox News host Sean Hannity wasted no time attacking President Biden
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Didn’t think I would tackle this? I pride myself on the fact that one is above critique, and that means I even point out things that the big names do as well. This time, We are looking at a post Hannity did that tweaked my nerve.

(Warning, imbedded tweet will prompt readers for the blind and sight impaired.)

On January 22, 2021, there was an uproar due to the fact the National Guard, who were deployed for extra security during in inauguration, was told to sleep in a parking garage. We’re going to take a look at how he, or one of his writers, framed the story and how it was worded.

So let’s see the headline, shall we?

Hannity website headline

“We need Answers”: This all in caps denotes outrage and urgency. That is, after all, internet etiquette. So, already we have a typeface option that means to illicit anger and spark rage.
“GOP Furious”: Generalizations make me cringe personally. Are all of them furious? The strong wording further leads the reader and feeds the emotions they want to evoke.

When we open the post, we see something completely different, one would say staged for a purpose. Let me explain.

Twitter, like all social media, timestamps posts made by users. This is wonderful when you’re researching in order to establish a timeline. I’ve used it many times myself. However, when you post tweets to push a narrative or evoke a certain emotion, people tend to post out of chronological order. Hannity, or one of his writers, did just that.

The tweets

Again, this will trigger screen readers. Be warned.

The incident that is being “reported” happened the evening before, not the day the post was published. This is the first Tweet cited.

TIMESTAMP: January 21, 2021 9:40 PM

Granted it is hard to convey emotion and intent in written word. With that being said, McCarthy seems to be questioning fellow Congressmembers. One could say he’s upset. Who wouldn’t be, but furious?

TIMESTAMP: January 22, 2021 2:12 PM

Almost seventeen hours after the first post, First Lady Biden is seen giving cookies to the National Guard Troops. I am not going to comment as to whether this was genuine or merely a photo-op. That is not the purpose of this post.
A lot can happen in almost seventeen hours, but somehow we went from the troops being in the garage to them being out on the street being offered cookies.

TIMESTAMP: January 22, 2021 11:19 AM

Notice how we go from the afternoon on the 22nd back to around 11 in the morning on the same day? This is why timestamps are crucial. In my humble opinion, these tweets were placed deliberately out of order. It’s almost as if the staff at the blog is trying to make it seem like Mr. Graham didn’t react to this until the First Lady was seen giving cookies to the troops.
Wording isn’t the only thing that be used to twist a story and spin a narrative. The staff at the website seem to be banking on people not paying attention to the timestamps.

The one below on his site is after the introduces it as the “Original Story”.

TIMESTAMPS: January 21, 2021 7: 25 PM

Now, we are going back to the night before and citing a tweet with pictures of the troops’ lodging conditions. I will give credit for making it clear that this is the original story, but why put this at the bottom? Why not lead with this and then establish the timeline via the stamps on the tweets?

Most of the content in the blog itself is repeating what is said in the tweets with a few exceptions.


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