The Grind: Biden Halts Trump’s Opioid Crisis Order, American Airline Stocks Rise 60%, Navalny’s Brother Arrested, Iran Deal Window Closing for Biden, and more!

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We are experiencing some growing pains as our partner, Merlin has come back after having personal issues. We apologize for not having a post on Monday. This one is a doozy as we are covering a LOT of news that happened during Monday-Thursday. The hedge fund fight will be covered in a video as we are starting our Coffee Talk series. Episode 1, which can be found both on Bitchute and Minds, is a general hello and casual conversation.

Episode 2 will be about the two-state solution that Biden backs, the riots in the Netherlands, the number of executive orders and such that President Biden has signed to date, the hedge fund attacks, and much more.
I am sorry, but due to the nature of the videos and their content, they will not be on YouTube. We need to be able to explain what is going on without restrictions on how to do it. Links to both sites can be found on the sidebar beneath the social media links.
You can also join our Discord server and follow the Telegram link to subscribe to our news feed. Discord and Telegram both allow you to tell us what stories you would like to see us follow and cover. Your input is important to us, and we want to cover the stories that are important to you.
Now, for the news…

Lawmakers Ask for Security. Claim They are “Targets”.

Picture via Business Insider

In the wake of the Capitol Hill incident, More than 30 Democrat House Lawmakers along with Republican Legislators are asking to use their allowance money to cover security details that are not afforded to them. In a letter to House Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the legislators assert they are “easier targets” in the internet age.

Except for Leadership, Members do not have security details protecting them. The structure of the Capitol Police and the laws against threatening Members of Congress were first crafted in a much different time when the threat environment was significantly lower.

-House Member Letter Excerpt

They are concerned that Capitol Police will not be able to give them the protection they need, citing lack of resources.

American Airlines Involved in Trading Frenzy

American Airlines Logo - PNG and Vector - Logo Download
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First Gamestop, then AMC, and now American Airlines has become a target for traders when it had an almost 60% surge in shares.

It does appear that it (American Airlines) may be getting caught up in this day trading frenzy.

vice president of trading and derivatives for Charles Schwab in Austin, Texas

Another company that was targeted for the same tactic was Blackberry Ltd.
Australia is now seeing a trend with Webjet and Tassal Group whose shares climbed more than 5%.

This has prompted a call going out for regulatory actions.

Protesting Indian Farmers in Stand-off with Police

Pictures via Reuters

Tuesday saw a tractor procession turn violent when protesters left designated routes and began to tear down barricades and confronting police who had to use tear gas to control the crowds.
There were reports of protesters making it to Delhi’s Red Fort where they scaled the ramparts and raised flags. One person was found dead with hundreds injured. Rakesh Chauhan, the information officer for the Ghaziabad district stated the protesters to move by Thursday evening. The farmers refused saying they would take a bullet first.
The protests were sparked when laws were passed at Ghaziabad which would favor large-scale private buyers, leaving the growers at a disadvantage.

Navalny to Be Incarcerated until Court Date, Brother Arrested

Via AP News

Thursday, a Russian court threw out Alexei Navalny’s appeal pertaining to his arrest. At the same time, many of his allies were arrested and held by authorities who issued warnings to social media outlets following the swarming of streets in over 100 Russian cities last weekend.
Navalny denounced the proceedings and said they were part of efforts to strong-arm opposition. Navalny, one of Putin’s largest detractors, was jailed for 30 days at the behest of Russia’s penitentiary service, citing violations of probation from a suspended money-laundering conviction.
There have been a total of nearly 4,000 arrests.
After the launching of a series of apartment and office raids belonging to Navalny’s acquaintances and family, they took his brother into custody. Oleg was located in Navalny’s apartment where his wife had been residing. The detractor’s team says the raids are the result of “Putin’s fear”.

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Ethiopia and Sudan Clash

Sources report Ethiopia has moved heavy weapons to al-Fashqa, disputed territory, on its Sudanese border.
This prompted a meeting in Riyadh between the Sudanese and Saudi Arabian officials.
Among the armaments are anti-aircraft batteries and tanks that have been seen deployed at the border the last two weeks.
The possible reason for the escalation could be the accusation from the Ethiopian government that claims the Sudanese military of coordinating attacks using machine guns and armored convoys at the border, killing many civilians.
This is a further increase in tensions since the conflict in the Tigray region on November 4.

Biden Moves to Rescind Trump Plan on Opioid-Treatment Prescriptions

President Biden’s administration is making moves to stop an 11th hour plan by the Trump administration to circumvent a certification needed by physicians to prescribe a medication designed to combat opioid addiction.
The contention is that going around a certain waiver raises legal and clinical concerns.
The “X” Waiver, a two-decade old prerequisite, required physicians to undergo a day’s training before they would be able to write prescriptions for buprenorphrine, the drug used for opioid addiction.
McCance-Katz, an assistant HHS secretary spent weeks trying to stop the plan from going through, stating that one of the main reasons there is a crisis is due to over-prescribing the pain killer. She also stressed that more safety measures were needed to make sure the treatment would not be overused as well.
Kim Sue, an supporter of Trump’s measure, says she is “disheartened” that such a simple drug is locked up behind a waiver. She goes on to state, ” There is no other medication in the country where you have to take an eight-hour training to prescribe it.”
There are others that say there is evidence that backs removing the waiver.

“Window Closing” on Biden for Iran Nuclear Deal

President Biden has a February 21 deadline for the lifting of sanctions as part of the steps needed to rejoin the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA.
If the United States cannot meat that deadline, Iran has stated it will put a stop to the inspections of its nuclear sites which are being conducted by the Atomic Energy Agency. This is a crucial provision of the accord, and without it, there would be a boost in uranium enrichment, effectively bringing the Iran closer to the 90% enrichment level that is needed for a nuclear weapon.
There seems to be a stand-off as Secretary of State Blinken said that Washington will only come back to the deal once they are secure in the knowledge that Iran has come back into full compliance with the agreement. Essentially, Iran has to reduce enrichment to just under 4%.
Washington has further accused Iran of escalating tensions by seizing cargo ships in the Persian Gulf, supporting proxies who have launched rockets at the US Embassy, and putting Iranian-Americans in prison by falsely levying spying charges.
Iran continually contends that all enrichment is for civilian purposes only, and they have no interest in manufacturing a nuclear weapon.

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