Gina Carano Breakdown: The Insta Post that Got Her Fired

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Some are saying it’s about time while others are saying it’s another example of the left-leaning media canceling a conservative voice.

In this blog post, I will be breaking down the post that Gina Carano posted that got her fired. This is not an endorsement, as some on Twitter have asserted. I do not know the woman beyond what I have seen on social media. This is not a defense, as I will be pointing out other ways she could have made the comparison she made.

As a blogger and newly published author, I know the importance of wording and tone. I am also aware that a picture along with the words chosen can evoke as much emotion as the words alone.

So, when I see the tweet in its entirety, her point is lost. The picture chosen is of a Jewish woman during WWII being chased, her clothing ripped. This is a picture, in my opinion, that was chosen to evoke outrage, not to make one think. This is a poor choice of picture.
There is no equal comparison to what Hitler and his Gestapo was able to do. The deaths of approximately 6 million Jewish people Romani, infirmed, elderly, and other ethnicities he deemed inferior was atrocious. It’s was monstrous. It was racism and ethnic cleansing on a scale no one can measure.
To try to compare anything to this, is improbable and in poor taste.

Now for the words…

I will begin with a history lesson.

Before Kristallnacht. Before the Gestapo. Before the loading of the trains and the concentration camps, there were words.

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There was Joseph Goebbels. He was the head of the propaganda machine that Hitler used in his rise to power.

Goebbels used the printed word to convince the German people that the Jewish people among them were spies, evil, and that if allowed to live with the German people, would destroy society as they had come to know it.

His weaving of words caused the German people to look at their fellow business owners and neighbors and see an enemy, not a neighbor or friend.

This started the systemic harassment, beating and punishing of German Jews in every city, town, and hamlet. Why, you ask? Did it happen because they were spying? Were they speaking against the Reich? No, they were ostracized and abused by their own German friends for simply being Jewish.
It was Goebbels that started the wrecking ball rolling that led to Kristallnacht, people doing nothing as the Jewish people they now hated were loaded into trains and taken to concentration camps.

Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors… even by children.


This is not inaccurate. This did happen. I explained how above.

Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews.


Still accurate.

How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?


This is the part that got me in trouble with many people on Twitter. When you strip the picture and just look at the words, this is a fair comparison.


How can I say this? How can you look at what the media has been doing for the past five-plus years, at the blatant bias that has led to a division in this country and not admit you can see a similarity?

After Obama lifted restrictions on propaganda and bias in the media, the wording in articles has become more and more blatant. It became clear which outlets liked which political parties and which did not.

Then, we began to see this turn to groups of people. “Antifa is an idea”, ignored or glossed over by the media and allowed to riot and destroy property without so much as being denounced, but right-leaning groups are named in the media and called every vitriolic name in the book.

This has bled over to everyday people who happen to be affiliated with the GOP in one way or another. They are singled out, and there are people in our government that have called for an archive of people who voted for Trump:

(Link to a tweet. This is a warning for the sight impaired and the blind.)

There were even members of the media talking about re-education camps.

via kwwldotcom

Then there is the constant demonization of the GOP, both politicians and citizens. All one needs to do is look online to see it.

Does this excuse right-leaning outlets?

Not in the least. However, it is the left-leaning media that is constantly being promoted by social media outlets.

Was this a GOOD Comparison?

Although it was an accurate comparison in regards to HOW the body count started and not the body count itself, it was an awful example to use to drive home a point.

She could have used the silencing of Cuban voices under Bautista and then Castro. She could have eluded to what’s happened with the Chinese government and its censoring of what comes out of there in terms of posting and news.
She could have even referenced Navalny and his imprisonment for being a Putin detractor.
There are many other examples from which she could have drawn parallels.

Do I believe she did it on purpose?

Yes, there is no way she DIDN’T know what the reaction would be. She probably didn’t know she would lose her job, but with her past history of tweets, she was naïve in thinking it would never happen to her.

-Anissa “Maddy” Mathias


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